Golden retriever Mix|male|5 years old|61 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

Jasper is the goodest boy

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Jasper has been just as awesome and loving as ever. We have worked a lot on his anxiety meeting strangers and he has gotten much more comfortable and is willing to let strangers slowly approach him for pets! He no longer tries to hide away so huge steps! We have also been working on basic training and he is great at sitting (even before we open any doors), down, come, and wait. We are next working on directing him to his "place" and stay.

He has also made great strides in lowering his separation anxiety. He now goes into his enclosed crate without much coaxing and has learned to settle down quickly. Though he may whine a bit at first, he calms down much quicker. He does pant a lot in his crate so he is on Trazadone which helps calm him down. We are also working on leaving him out to free roam for short increments when we leave the house and he's gotten loads better. We are hopeful that we will be able to wean him off the medication soon.

Jasper has been doing great at daycare and has plenty of fun romping with the other dogs. The staff has let us know that he has had zero problems with the other dogs and they have seen no signs of aggression. He has also become much more comfortable going up to staff to seek out affection! Jasper also met his first cats recently and the got along great! He showed a little curiosity at first and sniffed them, but then largely ignored them in favor of human companionship. 

Pupdate 1: Jasper is a sweet and lovable boy. While it may take a day to warm up, once he does, he will adore you and actively seek out cuddles and pets. Jasper likes to know where his people are at and will follow you around the house so he knows where everyone is. He likes to have at least one buddy in his line of sight. He is a very low-key dog and is happy to spend the day lounging around the house and napping near you. However, he is also more than active enough to go on long walks and runs or take hiking! He likes to romp but doesn't have much experience or interest in playing with toys. He can be very high energy when out on walks and likes to explore and sniff. However, we have been working on leash walking and now he walks wonderfully on a leash. He is happy to walk at your pace unless he gets too excited in which case a quiet correction will bring his attention back to you.

Jasper does have separation anxiety and does not like being left alone. He has figured out how to bust his way out of a regular wire crate and he can be destructive if he breaks out and is alone. This mostly stems from him panicking and trying to follow you out. A steel crate prevents escape and we have not tried an airline carrier style crate. He will go into his crate with some bribery and coaxing, but doesn't enjoy it. He may do well in a home with another dog that could keep him company while his humans are out. 

Jasper does take a while to warm up to new people and will shy away from new people coming to the home and anyone who may try to approach him outside. He does not show aggression but will move away and hide behind you and seek reassurance. Slow introductions have gone well, but if he feels trapped, he will let out a small growl. He has made no attempts to show any teeth or snap. The growl is more to show his distress. We have been told he will also occasionally growl at larger male dogs but we have not seen this yet. Overall he would be a wonderful new dog for any family and all he wants to do is love on you.