terrier Mix|male|12 years old|30 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 7: We just hosted this sweetie for over a week.  What a happy, sweet, easy dog!  His tail was always wagging.  We have 3 kids under 7 and he was great with them!  Gets along with everyone (dogs and cats included) and loves car rides. Would make a perfect companion to someone who is in an apartment or can’t walk very far, but he’s up for more if you are! Just a great dog looking to kick back and give some love and affection. 

Pupdate 6: Jasper's favorite fall activities include couch cuddles, walking, eating, and sleeping. This sweet senior pup is still looking for his forever home!

Pupdate 5: The more comfortable Jasper gets with us, the more his personality is shining through. In the past couple weeks, I have seen Jasper chase his tail and jump in while my resident dog and I play tag. Jasper still doesn't seem to show interest in toys but he sure does like nylabones. Jasper also has been doing very well with taking quiet car rides but I also put a seat belt on him so he doesn't bounce all over the place. I would say Jasper's favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, staring outside, and cuddling.

Pupdate 4: Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks? I'm so happy for Jasper! He learned to step through his harness without any direction from me! I have also noticed Jasper is more into Nylabones rather than any toy or other bones. He definitely goes to town on those. I have also witnessed this old pup playing with his foster cat and dog yesterday! For a dog who usually sleeps all day, he does have quite the spunk sometimes. We will be working on teeth brushing and nail filing later this week and I will have an update on how that goes!

Pupdate 3: Jasper spent the weekend with a sitter. It sounds like they had a great time and she loved having him with her. She mentioned he would soak up all of the attention from her guests. Which isn't a shock, since he is such a ham. I got him back earlier in the morning and he has just been sleeping the day away!

Pupdate 2: Jasper is doing very well. The more he settles in, the more his personality does come out! I have not realized how hyper this little man is. He has a vet appointment today so I ended up bringing him to work. Oh man, is he excited to be here! He has to greet everyone and all the other foster puppies at the door. 

Pupdate 1: Jasper is a young pup in an old man's body! I have had him for a few weeks now and he is just a doll. He get's along great with my dog and cat. He will need some slow transitioning with dogs though. I have a very hyperactive husky that Jasper does keep up with. I would not recommend doing super long walks or many stair climbing as his back end has some arthritis. I just take him on my elevator because I refuse for him to ever be in any pain. Jasper does like to sleep and is pretty low key. He has claimed a favorite blanket and dog pillow that he loves at my apartment.  Jasper does great with a crate. The look on his face is sad when he has to go in it but he just curls up on the blanket and sleeps until I come home. Whenever Jasper and my personal dog go for walks, Jasper will consistently look to make sure that you are still right behind him. He will even walk besides you on days he's feeling anxious but once he's outside, he loves life. I usually just let him sleep on my balcony all day. Car rides must be his favorite thing to do as he get EXTREMELY excited. At the same time though, he consistently whines, but in an excited way. We are working on taking quiet car rides. Jasper could benefit from someone who can spend at least 80% of their day with him as he needs quite a bit of special care. I have noticed that his bladder can only hold for a few hours at a time so he needs to be able to get outside frequently through the day.