terrier Mix|female|1.5 years old|42 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 9:While she does a good job masking the joy on her face... We learned Jada loves swimming in the kiddie pool with her foster siblings!!

Pupdate 8: We had a busy weekend with family visiting and Jada was such a good dog! She greeted everyone nicely and waited patiently for attention.  Once Jada knows and trusts you, you're a friend for life. In addition, Jada found a nest of rabbits in the backyard.  I was so proud of her when she backed away when I told her to “leave it.” Such a smart girl!!!  

Pupdate 7: Jada went to a meet and greet event today at the pet store and met a tortoise! She wasn't too sure what to do with her which was hysterical. Overall she did well, although she did still get excited when bigger dogs came in.

Pupdate 6: Jada is such a sweet girl. She gets attached very quickly and loves hard. We enjoyed playing fetch with her, and she wanted to snuggle with us as much as she possibly could. She started to be a little protective of us when she felt our dogs were encroaching on her snuggle time, so we mostly maintained a "no couch" rule with her and she was respectful of that. She didn't have a single accident while we had her, and she's clearly made lots of progress being kenneled because we didn't have a single issue with her being stressed out when we left the house. She liked riding shot gun in the car, and sticking her head out the window to smell the breeze. She loved playing with our dogs, and went home all pooped out! She was such a blast to have. 

Pupdate 5: I’m so proud of Jada and happy to say that her crate training is coming along wonderfully.  We’ve recently been able to leave her alone without issue while crated. Jada has also demonstrated to be trustworthy when left alone at home outside of the crate.   

Jada is such a happy dog and it’s so much fun to watch her run and play. She loves playing in the kiddie pool with her squeaky toys and running in our fenced in backyard while watching for birds, squirrels and rabbits. We have loved having Jada in our home but she’s ready for her forever home. 

Pupdate 4: Jada can’t wait to find her forever family.  She is a sweet, loving dog that adores hanging out with her family. We love having her as a foster and even my resident dogs are learning to tolerate her.  In Jada’s defense, it’s not her…it’s them.  Jada’s exuberant style of play was initially a bit much for them but she’s learned to be respectful of my older male dog and my female dog will actually now play with her. Jada is an extremely smart dog and really wants to please her people. She’s young so it just takes some time for her to figure out what is expected but she does figure it out!  Here’s a list of what Jada’s accomplished!

•    Her dog social skills continue to improve and she attends day boarding and/or day care 4x/week and is doing well with her play groups.  As Jada is an adolescent, continuing to have her meet new dogs and people will help build her confidence and dog social skills.   

•    More good news is that her separation anxiety continues to improve and we've been able to leave her alone for a full work day. I am so proud of her and how far she has come with this. Things that have really helped her separation anxiety include: 1) wearing her out before we leave her for the day - she’s an active dog and needs her exercise, 2) starting a low dose of Fluoxetine, and 3) giving Jada time to become accustomed to our household routine. Since she can be quite anxious about being left alone at home while crated, gating her in a room works best. However, she is crated at night and does well.  

•    We continue to work on her leash reactivity. She is attending a reactive dog class which is helping her to develop better manners when she encounters other dogs while on leash. Currently, she is not a fan of meeting other dogs while on leash or on her home turf but we’re working on this.  Jada does have a strong prey drive so she will pull while on leash when she sees a squirrel or rabbit but we continue to work on her learning to focus on us during her walks.  

Jada is very loving and sweet with people but needs slow introductions.  Because of her initial reservation with new people and her overly exuberant play style, she likely will do best in a home with adults with or without older children. She is a perfect companion for someone who is around part of the day and who is willing to continue to work with her on her training.  A fenced in back yard would also be a plus as she loves running and playing fetch.  Plus, because of her strong prey drive, she doesn’t do well tied out on a lead. She tends to be quite vocal when on a lead, especially if she sees a squirrel or rabbit. Jada benefits from plenty of companionship and activity to be happy and content.  

Pudpate 3: I just love this dog!!!  Jada is such a snuggle bug and bonds so deeply with people. She is so focused on her person which makes training easy.  Plus, she is amazingly smart and loves to learn.  She completed Obedience Class 1 and did great. She's also learning not to bark at other dogs in class when she gets excited.  She knows so many commands (sit, down, look, stay, wait, touch, come, mat).  She also loves to play with her squeaky toys as well as playing fetch.  Jada also learned to walk on the treadmill which she loves to do on those days that are just too cold to get outside and walk.

Pupdate 2: Jada is such an awesome dog. She adores her people!  My 14-year-old niece visited over the holidays and Jada loved hanging out with her.  Jada recently started an obedience class with Dog Den to work on focusing on her person and not reacting to other dogs. Jada would be a perfect companion for someone who is around during the day and can spend time working with her on training and helping Jada learn that it's OK to be by herself. 

Pupdate 1: Jada is a very sweet dog that loves the company of people.  She’s met both men and women and while she can be a little reserved initially, she quickly warms up.  She is quite the snuggle bug once she knows and trusts you.  Her second love is playing with toys but equally enjoys destroying them so durable toys are a must for this girl. We're still learning about Jada’s dog interactions.  While she was previously housed with other dogs and was reported to enjoy playing with some dogs, she appears uncertain around new dogs and introductions must be taken slowly.  However, we’re working with a trainer to help her confidence and dog social skills.  She’s a very smart dog and a quick learner and knows sit, down, touch and come (as long as distractions are minimal).  She is also learning how to walk nicely on leash even when pesky squirrels and rabbits are around.  Jada is also making great strides with her separation anxiety.  She bonds very deeply and wants to always be with her family.  She’s learning it’s OK to spend time alone.