Chihuahua Mix|female|11 years old|8 lbs|Adoption Fee $200

Izzy's great at taking selfies.

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 6: Izzy has really figured out our routine and is thriving! She hasn't had an accident in the house for over a month, which is really something considering that a lot of those days it was -5 degrees outside! It takes her a little bit to figure out what you want from her when she's in a new place, but with patience she will get it :) We've learned that Izzy is really a homebody; she likes walks when it's warmer out but she'd rather just stay home and hang out instead of going anywhere. Her favorite spot is on the couch and on your lap!

Izzy is pretty much the most low-maintenance dog ever. She doesn't really need to be groomed, she doesn't have any teeth so no dental concerns, doesn't need a ton of exercise, and is a big fan of food so easily motivated. She also lets us clip her nails with no issues, which is awesome.

We have noticed that Izzy can get jealous when other dogs are getting more attention than she is and start barking at the other dog, so we try to keep things fair and spend one on one time with her and our resident pup. Otherwise Izzy ignores our dog and vice versa, and they both enjoy eating each other's food and they will share a bowl of water! I think Izzy would be just fine with cats as well.

Izzy can't wait to meet her forever family and spend her golden years soaking up the love that she so deserves :)

Pupdate 5: Izzy has been doing great! She is coming along in her potty training and is feeling more comfortable in our daily routine. She is fine while we are at work for 8 to 9 hours during the day but I know she would really appreciate someone with a bit more flexible schedule who could come home at least at lunch to spend time with her. Izzy likes to spend her evenings curled up in her cozy bed and blanket just hanging out - she is such a chill pup and just wants to be your companion. If you are sitting on the floor she will crawl right into your lap :)

We took Izzy on a four hour car ride north for Thanksgiving and she rode in our laps; she was really nervous the first half of the trip and gradually relaxed to snoozing for the second half. She adjusted really well at my dad's house and we learned that while Izzy doesn't like to walk on a regular leash, she does awesome on a retractable leash. She joined us and the two family dogs on jaunts through the woods and had a great time sniffing and meandering. Two knee surgeries have really made a difference for her! We also learned that Izzy can be playful! She will toss around a small toy and likes playing keep-away with us - it's adorable. 

Izzy would be a great fit for a family or single person without young kids, and with chill dogs or cats or no pets. She doesn't ask for much, as long as she gets her snuggles! Come and meet your winter cuddling companion, Izzy!

Pupdate 4: Izzy moved fosters after 6 months of recovery from double knee surgery and dental surgery to remove all her rotten teeth. You can tell she was very loved and she's fitting in well here too!

Izzy basically ignores our 8-year-old resident small dog, which our pup is very happy about. They both go about their business without really bugging the other, and both sleep on the bed with me and my husband at night. Izzy can get overwhelmed by higher-energy, more intense dogs but I think she'd be great with other low-key pups and cats, or even by herself, as long as she got plenty of snuggles :) She loves to lay next to you on the couch buried in blankets and is happy with just a few jaunts around the yard for exercise. She is definitely not a bolter and just wants to stick by your side. We are still figuring out Izzy's potty schedule so she stays in our spare bedroom with potty pads and her comfy bed while we're at work. I'm actually super impressed that Izzy goes outside in this chilly weather and can get her business done out there before getting super cold. She is a trooper with wearing sweaters and coats and I think she secretly likes them!

If you're looking for a loving, cuddly, adorably grizzled Chihuahua to keep you company, look no further than Izzy!

Pupdate 3: Izzy had luxating patellas (floating kneecaps) for which she had surgery on in mid-June. We were told that recovery would be 10 weeks or so. She was confined to a small area for that time, and it paid off: she is doing excellent. She is 11 years old, so she is not a high energy dog, but you can tell she is feeling great. She'll get bursts of energy outside and she likes to bark at the other dogs like she's the boss. She puts up with a lot of other animals (even kittens) rubbing on her face. Once in a while, she might try to snip at them, but she doesn't have any teeth so the kittens don't even move. She also puts up with my eight year old daughter who thinks she's a baby. Her temperament is awesome. She is definitely a lap sitter. She's not big on taking walks but will go potty when you take her outside. She has been pee pad trained and will use them if need be. We call her "Grandma". She doesn't act elderly but she has a little white face that looks aged. She would love to find a forever home with a loving family!

Pupdate 2: Izzy is doing great! You wouldn't know that she is 11 years old. She had knee surgery recently but her recovery has been going well. She has done swimming as rehab and has been released to be a normal dog. Her activity level is low anyway, but she definitely shows sign of her knees feeling better. 

Pupdate 1: She is doing great after her surgery 4 weeks ago. I can tell she feels great because I have to keep her from running around and getting excited. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery she will start swim lessons on Monday to rehabilitate her back end and goes to the doctor in 2 weeks for x-rays.