chihuahua Mix|female|6 months old|11 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hello everyone! My name's Iona and my foster mom tells me I’m a very special pup! 

I was born a little different than most dogs and because of this that means I will require special care during my life. Some of my body didn't grow and develop quite like it should. My front paw only has two toes instead of the normal four but I still have the extra pads as if I had those toes. My paw also bends backwards because of it, but it doesn’t hurt me. Mom says I remind her of a giraffe when I bend it backwards and use it to get closer to the ground. I've also already had one surgery on my other leg because that one didn't grow exactly right either. One of my bones had continued to grow while the other had stopped. They went in and removed part of the bone to correct the different lengths. The nice ladies and doctor at the vets took really good care of me though, and I stole their hearts in the process. I'm doing really well in my recovery but the vets would like to see me one more time in about 6 weeks. I have a slight deformity with my tail too. It kind of looks like I have a handle! 

None of this keeps me down though! I have a fiery spirit and can do attitude, and with those two things I can do anything like other dogs. I do really well with going potty outside as long as I’m let out regularly. I'm very quiet about having to go though, and haven't figure out I need to get your attention, so if someone doesn't notice me fast enough, I still have some accidents. There are not many of those though! My foster family is really good about taking me out every few hours. I live with two young boys and do well with children. My foster family also consists of other dogs and three fuzzy kitties, one of which I play with a ton! 

I do need slow introductions with dogs, as the big ones intimidate me a little, and I don't like others in my house without proper introductions. I also used to live with two Chihuahuas with a different foster, but I kept playing too rough with them. One only had three legs, and although I didn’t mean to keep knocking her over, I needed a home with dogs that were able to keep up with my rough, fast play. I also tend to be very protective when other dogs come into my home. Some mornings I even have to have a growl fit with my mom’s coffee cup. She laughs when I do it and tells me it’s okay, but I’m still not sure about that thing. 

Mom says I’m the sweetest girl you could ever ask for. The biggest thing you need to keep in mind if you want to take me home is my future vet costs. The vets say this nasty thing called arthritis will happen to me and probably earlier in life than most dogs. Mom has been giving me extra supplements and goodies to help battle against these things and give me the best life possible. There is also a chance I will one day be a tripod. They believe my leg will eventually cause more problems than good and need to be amputated. You know what though? That won't get me down either! It will just make me that much more special. 

Do you think you have the time and funds to love a special dog like me? I sure hope so because I think I’m pretty awesome, and I think you will too!