Treeing Walker Coon Hound|female|7 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: I had the pleasure of sitting for Ms. Inka recently and I can’t get over how wonderful of a dog she is! Inka is typically very quiet and doesn’t usually bark or make noise. She does have a good hound howl, but she uses it very rarely to try “talking” to you. Inka loves humans of any kind and is always very excited to meet new humans. She greets people very politely as well. Inka does super well when left alone. She gets along with dogs, cats, and kids. She does prefer calmer dogs or dogs who won’t try to get her to play too much, but is very submissive and gets along well with all. Inka also rides extremely well in the car! She would make a wonderful dog for any type of family! The only special need she has is getting medication regularly, but it’s super easy to give.

Pupdate 1: Inka is the sweetest lady looking for her forever family. She LOVES kids and is great with them even if they pull her ears! She would be the perfect dog for a family with kids and a great running partner and companion for the parents.  While she will run with you right by your side, she also likes to be comfortable so if you give her a dog bed she will lay on it all day and not bother a thing. Just make sure not to leave any food on the counter because she will help herself. 

Inka has Addison's Disease so she needs a pill given every morning and a shot given every 45 days. Due to this disease she has trouble combating stress in high stress situations.  When she encounters this, she tends to get overactive and barks a lot but once she gets 30 min to settle down she's perfectly behaved. With proper administration of her meds she is expected to live a long healthy life. The pills Inka takes are very affordable and the shot she gets every 45 days costs around $100 so she will need a family that will not mind the expense. Inka is well worth the cost for a family looking for a well behaved sweet dog!