Labrador/Retriever Mix|male|2 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: At this time, Indy's biggest improvement is walking on a leash! At first he would pull hard the entire time. He will pull a little now, but let's loose as soon as he feels the tension. After walking for a little bit he is an absolute perfect walking buddy. I do believe the harness helps a lot too!

He has also improved on his mannerisms and jumps less, knows the words "no" and "get down". 

Like the rest of the pupdates, I have to add that he is such a sweetheart. It's so hard not to constantly repeat that because he is such a lover and only looks to be loved!

Pupdate 3: Indy continues to be one of the sweetest dogs ever. He is always looking for affection, and will jump on you in excitement to do so. He’s a little short sausage, so it doesn’t always feel the greatest. We have been working on that, and you can tell he knows he’s not supposed to now. He has gotten a little better so far, but sometimes he gets too excited to contain himself.

Yesterday Indy had quite the workout! I took him and my other dog to my mom’s house that has a fenced in yard. She also has a dog who is litter-mates with my dog, and them two play quite rough with each other. I was very uneasy with letting Indy into the fence to play, but I gave it a go since on the outside of the fence he seemed okay with the other dog (Mya). To my surprise, they played like Indy was a litter-mate as well! He ran around the yard probably about 10 times while both the other dogs were chasing him. He even wrestled around with the other two as well, and both being bulldogs, they can get a little crazy. There was also another small dog (shih-tzu) there, which he was very good with too. This confirms to me that he is good with probably any dog as long as they aren’t aggressive towards him.

At one point Indy had gotten off his yard leash, and booked it down the alley a couple blocks away. Thankfully a nice gal had held on to him for me when he went up to her to say hi. That confirmed to me that he must be on a leash at all times. I’m sure that can be worked on, but I’m not comfortable doing that living a couple blocks away from a major highway. So it was nice for him to be able to run around as much as he wanted at my mom’s house.

This sweetheart will be the perfect addition to any family looking to give their love and affection to a 4-legged companion. 

Pupdate 2: Over the past few weeks, Indy, along with the other animals, has figured out his place in the home. He gets along wonderfully with cats, dogs, and children. Proper first introductions with another dog is a must. He was not very fond of our obnoxious bulldog at first, but now they are always playing. So I believe he would do good with almost any dog.

He really likes to pull on the leash, but we are still working on that and he is making improvements. When I say “Hey!” and give a little tug on the leash, he knows he needs to slow down, so that is a start!

He is also catching onto commands pretty quickly. He knows 'sit', and right now we are working on 'stay'. When I feed both Indy and my bulldog, I make them “back up”, (he needs a little push to get to the point where he needs to be), and I continually say “stay” until I put the food down and say “go head”. He does really well at that and I was really impressed with how fast he caught on.

Sometimes he will do naughty things like sneak into the basement and dig in the cat's litter box, and he of course is scolded, but it is impossible to stay mad at him because he is such a sweetheart, and when he knows he’s in trouble, his big old bat ears flail out and it’s just the cutest thing you have ever seen.

He really likes to be in your face, and is constantly looking for affection. Depending on the kind of person you are, this can be his downfall, or just an awesome perk of his! Personally, I do not like dog kisses on my face constantly, so I’m working on figuring out if there is a way to control this. I just hold him to the point where he is not in my face, and then I just pet him until he calms down and is just snuggling with his body and not his tongue!

Pupdate 1: Indy is the definition of a sweetheart! On the way from picking him up, we hit a deer. I was pretty shaken up, as I have never been on a situation like this, but he was gently nudging my face and giving me kisses to comfort me, and stayed right by my side. He was the best dog to have gone through an unfortunate situation like that with.

He has been with us for 1 week so far, and he is still that sweetheart who loves your attention. It also does not take him time to warm up to people. He loves me as if I have had him his whole life. He is good with cats, dogs and kids. Was scared of the cats at first, but the house cat is very curious and has been enticing Indy to play with him since the second he walked in the house. He will now chase the cat a little bit, by runs away as soon as the cat takes a step towards him. 

The house dog has been pretty dominant and possessive over his house and his humans, and Indy was a bit timid initially because of this. With proper introductions and supervision, they have been doing great together! Indy has definitely come out of his shell and they wrestle and play most of the day. He is mostly submissive but will tell the house dog when he has had enough of his rowdiness. 

Indy barks, but not more than your average dog. He only barks when he thinks he sees or hears something he is wary of. 

He is kennel trained, and likes to pull on the leash, but we are working on that! He didn't really know any commands besides 'sit'. We are working on that as well!