Jack Russell Terrier Mix|male|3 months old|11 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hi there! I’m Huffle. I like to meet other dogs, I can be a little cautious around bigger dogs at first, but I warm up very quickly! I’m also good with cats! I really like meeting people when they crouch down to my height, and if they are sitting, I’ll try to climb in their lap! Speaking of people, I love all kids, teens and adults! I’m very good in cars as well. I am a very affectionate and smart boy. I have learned how to sit and lay down, and I’m working on stay, come, and roll over. I’m also working on potty training, but when I’m kept on schedule, I’m golden!  When I’m playing, my excitement bubbles over and I can get barky, but I’m just so excited! I’ve gotten pretty good at leash training, but I still need a little encouragement! I’m afraid of going down stairs, but I’m content to be in someone’s arms as they walk down for me! I sleep through the night, and even sleep in during the weekend! If I am going into my crate in the day, I can be a little barky, but if there is a KONG in with me, I’m silent! I go in quietly during the night too! I love to give kisses and cuddle with my foster parents! I’d be great in any home or apartment, as long as I’m with my furever family! I am a hilarious puppy that will always find a way to make you laugh, and hopefully I can brighten any day with my furever family!