cattle dog Mix|male|6 years old|40 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Hi everyone – Huey here to update you on my adventures. I’m really excited to tell you that I graduated from my Focused Attention class! The last class was a ton of fun and I passed all my tests. I wasn’t afraid of all the activity and noise going on around me.

I’m told my house manners keep getting better. I still bark at new people when they come inside the house but I’m getting more comfortable with them. Since we talked last, I have let neighbors take me on walks (with my foster humans there) and had a nice visit with another neighbor. She sat on the couch with me and snuggled me! Oh, and there were treats! I also stopped barking at the carpenter who was here to fix something. Instead I decided I could just watch him. I’m not sure what he was up to but I decided it wasn’t a threat.

I recently went to a new house and met those people’s dog and cat. I loved the dog, obviously, and we played together. I was polite to the cat then mostly just ignored him. The cat seemed to know I wasn’t going to hurt him and we could maybe be friends.

Pupdate 2: Hi there! It’s me, Huey! I bet you’ve all been wondering what I’ve been up to, what new skills I’ve unlocked, and generally how I’ve been getting along in this great big world. So many things have happened since we last talked I think I’ll start with my new skills.

I just love my focused attention class. I can work on my sit, down, shake, come, and off commands with all kinds of distraction from other dogs and humans. I’m not scared of the humans in class. My foster mom says I’m a star. I’ve also learned to go straight to my special eating spot and sit and wait for my food. 

Speaking of favorite things, I love playing in the snow and going for walks in the winter wonderland. I’m learning to chase balls and play with toys too – I think that’s pretty fun. Today I went to a neighbor dog’s house and played in the snow with her and my foster brother for hours. I also met a bunch of strange humans. The new people made me nervous at first but I learned that they would be nice to me and I got lots of pets from them. 

When I go to new places I meet new people cautiously but warm up quickly. I think I just need to take it all in before I let my guard down in new places with new people. When new people come to my house it’s different, though. I can get worried when strangers come over and I need slow, patient introductions. I try to tell the new people my “story” so they’ll understand why I’m worried but they don’t understand my barking. However, if they sit near me, talk quietly and give me treats I think they’re okay.

My foster parents think I’m the sweetest, smartest, goofiest little dude who just needs a patient person or people to help me feel safe and confident. Could that be you?

Pupdate 1: Hi, my name is Huey but sometimes my people call me Houdini (more on why later). I think you should read about me and learn how amazing I am. I lived outdoors before I came to Fetch, and I’m doing great learning about what it means to live in a house. The first skill I learned is how to not potty in the house! I learned how to walk nicely on a leash with a super-cute harness. I have my own food bowl and a special place to eat – this is just awesome! So is being allowed on the couch – a couch! I did not know how cozy it is to snuggle up with my foster humans and dog siblings for a nice nap after we’ve played outside.

My foster parents have me in dog school to learn even more fun stuff. They told me the class is a focused attention class and that I am doing great, particularly for an adult dog that had no prior training. They tell me I’m scary smart but not to let it go to my head. In class, I’m building my confidence, looking at my people for guidance on what to do and how to not freak out in scary situations. I’m having a lot of fun in school and hope my new family will continue working with me this way. My foster parents say It's pretty important since nobody wants me to be scared.

I’m super sweet with dogs and people but I want my new people to know I will need slow introductions to new people and things. Also I need a lot of love and understanding, and positive reinforcement as I settle in to a new home. I’ve had so much change in a short amount of time. Probably because of this, loud noises and fast movements scare me and I try to run away from them. This is when they tell me I am too smart for my own good and am become a total Houdini (I told you I’d get back to this part) and try to run. 

I have also been told I have a manageable amount of separation anxiety. While I still should be crated when no one is home, my foster family has tested what triggers this in me and it seems to be when my people leave me totally alone in the house. If I have my foster dog brother or sister there, I am fine but if I am alone I get super anxious and stressed out. If I have to be left alone in the house without another dog I feel much less anxious in my crate. 

Even though at times I am nervous about all these new things I really want to be a bold, adventurous explorer. I’m hoping for a kind, patient person or family to help me get there!

Oh! I almost forgot – I am a stealth giver of wet willies!