Daschund Mix|female|7 months old|25 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hildy brings a lot of love, laughter, and energy to her foster home. She is a loveable, happy, and adoring puppy so don’t be fooled by her serious face in the pictures.  Hildy is a proper southern girl from Tennessee who only has her mouth open to eat, play, and chew on sticks.  

Hildy loves to follow us around the house and cuddle on the couch after a rigorous game of tug of war and fetch.  She loves to give kisses and enjoys a good belly rub as a morning greeting. When playing, she can get a little too feisty with her puppy playfulness and needs to get a little worn out. She currently gets walked twice a day to help with her energetic self. On walks, she will pull a lot on the collar but does better with her harness on. Hildy is not a fan of the harness, we have to say, but she tolerates it.

Hildy is fully potty trained and does well in a kennel at night and during the day. She may bark while in the kennel, but we just ignore her and she eventually goes to sleep. She does quite well with some basic commands such as “Sit, Shake, Down, and Stay.”  We have found her to be a quick learner. Hildy knows to paw at the door when she needs to go potty or just be out in the fresh air.  She is learning “Off,” and “Leave it.”

Hildy is very social and introduces herself in a passive role when meeting other dogs.  She will play with any size of dog but understands if the other dog doesn’t want to engage.  Hildy can get very excited meeting people and will want to jump up on them, but she is working on that. She doesn’t bark very often but occasionally will at squirrels, birds, or other dogs depending upon her mood.

Hildy hasn’t had much exposure with kids under five but what we have seen, she has done well.  She is happy to run into the neighbor kids when on her walks.

Hildy will do well in a house on her own or with other dogs.  If she is the only dog, she will need opportunities for exercise.  We have not had the opportunity to introduce Hildy to cats but she is quite intrigued by our family guinea pig.  

Hildy loves being outside.  It will best to have her in a home with a tie out or fenced in yard where there are lots of sticks to chew on and things to smell.  Hildy does enjoy a little digging which is something we first noticed when there was the big April snowfall. She loves to munch on snow and ice and play with it.

Hildy is looking forward to finding her furever home.