terrier Mix|female|4 years old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Hazel is back!  She was on a brief medical hold due to a TPLO surgery (basically, doggy ACL surgery), but is almost fully recovered and back in the game!  Her vets say she is doing really well, has a great range of motion, and should have a full recovery!  She has been a champ through 3 months of limited activity - such a versatile dog!  Hazel is truly enjoying the sunny weather and loves to be outside sunbathing.  Her favorite summer activities include walking out on the pier to watch the fish swim, playing in the sprinkler, lounging on the deck, rolling in the grass, and wrestling with her doggy siblings.  Hazel likes to be the life of the party - always striving to be the center of attention!  She has met many new friends, human and canine, but seems drawn to males.  She gets along with most other dogs, it sometimes takes a few meetings to be friendly with more dominant pups.  Hazel sometimes barks at dogs that walk by her fenced in yard, but we can quickly redirect her attention.  Otherwise, she isn’t a very vocal dog.  Hazel wasn’t the biggest fan of her canine brother when she first met him (I don’t blame her, he’s kind of a pain), but they are great pals now!  Hazel is getting better with bikers - she would be best in a home with a fence or a less busy neighborhood (not a must, but will make walking her easier).  Hazel enjoys the indoors as well - cuddling and reality TV are night time preferences.  She will try to use you as a pillow - with that cute face it’s hard not to let her!  She will go to bed and wake up whenever you do making her sleep schedule a piece of cake.  Hazel will be the perfect addition to the right home - request to meet her today!

Pupdate 1: Meet Hazel - the loyal, cuddle loving, sometimes stubborn girl who is looking for her perfect forever family!  Hazel will be a great companion for a semi active family as she enjoys getting outside and going for walks, but does not require much activity.  Hazel is happiest laying on the couch with her human and getting belly rubs.  Hazel is also a great travel buddy and rides very well in the car.  She is very versatile - will go into her kennel on command, but is fine being left out while her humans are away.  Hazel is best friends with her foster sister, but is taking a bit more time to warm up to her foster brother.  She loves to play with most other dogs and is always up for a game of tug with her people.  She seems to love human attention and has done well with new people, although I haven't experienced her with children.  Hazel is working on walking better on a leash - she does bark and pull when she encounters distractions outside.  She would be a breeze to walk in a less busy neighborhood or in the country!