Catahoula Mix|female|10 years old|68 lbs|Adoption Fee $200

"I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets." -Grace Kelly

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 7: Gracie has adjusted well these last 3 weeks to her new foster home, closer to Madison.  She is living with a little 8lb terrier and a 17 yr old resident dog!  Doing very well with both - not really wanting to play so much with them (they don't try to engage her) but wanting to play with her humans now and then.  She loves bringing up her squeaky tug toys and having us throw them.  She's not super big into actually retrieving them and bringing them back, but she listens very well and "drops it" on command. She likes the spunky young neighbor Labrador dog and also plays well with her, probably because that dog initiates it more than ours!
We got some great news at the vet this week - Gracie is 68lbs!  The vet was reluctant to think a dog of her size could've ever been 90-some lbs!  But we really don't know what she accurately weighed when she came to us 3wks ago. She suggested Gracie lose 5-10 lbs, but with all the walks we've been giving her, we think she's well on her way!  My boyfriend and I both think she's lost weight already.
We've been crate training her so that she has a safe shelter for thunderstorms specifically, and so far so great!   She enjoys her (low-cal) pup smoothie in the kong while she's crated and has no problem hanging out in there!  Eventually we think she'll have it mastered, although we've been lucky enough so far we don't absolutely "need" it with her.  She's very non-destructive.  We have baby-gated her the kitchen when we leave, but every time we come home, we find the gates knocked down and Gracie on the couch!  When we are home and laying low at night, she doesn't try to get on it, so that's good.  It's not the worst thing, but we'd like to keep working on it with her!  If she catches on to that as quickly as everything else, we are confident Gracie will make someone the *best* buddy yet!

Pupdate 6: We are still working on Gracie's anxiety with loud noises. She has gotten a little better with the use of the "Thundershirt". I have also been giving her a new bone or toy, that conceals treats, so her focus is on the bone or toy she has, and this helps immensely. She has also mastered the use of a ramp to get into my vehicle, although using the ramp to disembark is not going very well, but at least now I am able to take her with me when I do short errands.

Pupdate 5: I have started Gracie on a natural calming agent along with a conditioning audio tape specifically for dogs that have anxiety with thunder and fireworks. She also has a "thundershirt" which should help with all of it.

Gracie now has a foster brother and both are tolerating each other, although Gracie has shown she does want to play, but not her foster brother. 

Gracie has never shown any aggression when I've taken toys away from her, but with certain bones she will have a "death grip" on them, until I tell her to "drop it" which she does immediately. This works with everything except food! 

This time of year, especially, Gracie needs to be brushed at least twice a week if not more.  Her fur will get matted if she is not brushed regularly. I use a wire brush and also a FURminator de-shedding comb. Gracie does not mind getting brushed but it helps if she is chained to something because when cleaning the brush she will go play in the yard.

Pupdate 4: Gracie has also shown signs of high anxiety during fireworks and gunfire. We are working with Fetch to help her work through this issue.

Pupdate 3: Gracie is an awesome dog even at 10 years old. She obeys every command you give her: Come, sit, stay, down & shake. You never have to ask her twice if she wants o go for a walk or ride in the car.  She does have two issues: she has a bad habit of pawing you for attention, and thunderstorms make her anxious.  For thunderstorms she wants to be as close to you as she possibly can and will pant and paw at you also. She does calm down when you pet and hold her. We are forgoing the "crate training" for now since she does great to roam free while I am gone with no accidents or damage. I will be working on the pawing issue.

Pupdate 2: We went to visit a friend who has a male Husky and they got along very well, playing outside and in. Gracie loves to cuddle and follows you wherever you go in the house. I have been making her Kongs with a mixture of "thrive" and frozen veggies and then freezing them since I cut back on her regular food intake to help in her losing weight. Now when you mention the word "Kong" she comes running. No doubt she loves them. Gracie will be getting a foster brother possibly this coming weekend, so more to come.

Pupdate 1: Gracie has settled in very well. She is housebroken and lets you know by her coming up to you and pawing at you. She walks very well on the leash and rides well in the car. Gracie does not care for the crate so that is something we need to work on. She is not food or toy aggressive, although she took all the outside balls and put them in a corner of the yard. 

Gracie is very overweight and needs to lose some weight. She likes to sleep on the dog bed and sometimes will get in bed with me and lay down at the bottom of the bed.  She is a great watchdog and will let you know when someone is at your door. I have yet to encounter other dogs or kids but for people in general she is great and loves attention.