Dachshund/Yorkie Mix|male|3 months old|8 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: My name is Goliath, and I want to come live with YOU! I know you'll love me. I may be tiny, but I really love to play with other dogs-big or small! I sure wouldn't mind going to a home that doesn't have other dogs but boy oh boy would I ever love it if I had other puppy brothers and sisters to play with. I even love playing with cats and have two kitty brothers right now! Because I am so little I am still getting used to this cold weather and being outside, I'd much prefer snuggling on a warm blanket with my foster mom. My foster mom has taught me that I'm only supposed to go on these little pee pad thingers inside, sometimes I forget, but she keeps telling me that I am getting better and better! On warmer days I go outside and pee on the grass! When my parents go night night I sleep in my teeny little kennel every night..... all night! I have to go in my teeny kennel when my parents go to work during the day. I can't be left in there for more than 5 hours because my tiny bladder just can't hold it. I should probably go home with someone who will help me with my potty training, because I'm still a cute puppy who needs a wee bit more training. 

My only requirements for my new family are:
1) squeaky toys
2) snuggles
3) treats
4) belly rubs 

I can't wait to meet you!!!!