Terrier Mix|female|6 years old|41 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 6: Ginger loves going for car rides and long walks. She is not a fan of swimming. She is very alert and very happy. Her new favorite toy is a tug of war rope. 

Pupdate 5: Ginger is loving her new foster home. She loves playing tug of war with her foster sister and absolutely loves going for walks. She may be an older dog but she will follow you around like a puppy and loves to cuddle. She is a great watch dog and would make a great addition to a dog family :)

Pupdate 4: Ginger is looking for her forever home. She has a lot of energy, especially when the words "dinner" and "walk" are mentioned. She does well on walks with a prong collar, still working on relaxing more when people come over. She knows "place" and loves to lie in her bed. She's always up for a belly rub. Ginger's dislikes include thunder, drive-ins and being startled. She can be left home in or out of her crate, loves to be called Ginger Bug and loves to snuggle.

Pupdate 3: Ginger is very loving and cuddly.  She really enjoys being around us, playing with our dog, or chewing on a Nylabone.  She is also keenly alert and would make a great watch dog.

Pupdate 2: Ginger loves to snuggle in on her dog bed, and looooves belly rubs. She likes being called " ginger bug" and is starting to play with toys more and is a great watchdog.

Pupdate 1: Ginger is a 6 year old lady with lots of energy, especially when the word dinner is mentioned. She loves walks, getting a belly rub and being next to you. She likes other dogs, but takes some time to warm up to them. She has not been around cats, so I'm not sure of her reaction. She should be in a home without children because she has never been around them. Using a print collar to help with barking and it seems to be helping. Crate trained, can be left alone, potty trained.