Terrier Mix|male|5 months old|32 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Ford is very friendly puppy who loves to both give and get attention.  He loves to get real close and shower you with exuberant puppy kisses and sometimes nibbling.  He hasn't quite grown into his long legs yet, so he's a little clumsy and tends to sometimes miss stairs or the jump to the couch, but he doesn't seem too embarrassed about it.  He starts out a little shy to new environments but is very curious and gets comfortable pretty quickly. He is mostly crate trained and has been improving daily on his potty training, going several days without an accident at a time. He gets along well with other dogs including his host-sister Luna, a 4 year old springer spaniel.  They love to play and chase each other around! He is a quick learner and is picking up a lot from his host-sister and seems more confident with another dog around, though we're sure he'd be fine without a doggy friend as well. Ford does really well on walks, he won't pull on a leash although sometimes he has a hard time walking in a straight line and will often cross in front of you. He does well both sleeping in his crate at night or snuggling up with you in bed. He currently hangs out in this crate while we are away at work since he is still going through his chewing phase, but he's lost a number of his puppy teeth already while he's been with us. While at home he enjoys staying by your side and keeping you company, and occupies himself easily with bones and toys.