Golden Retriever/Collie Mix|female|4 years old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Fluffy seems to have more strength and energy in the last few weeks. It’s entertaining to see her bounce around the house when she is happy and/or excited. We are still working on her nervous behaviors. She seems to have 100% trust in me and my resident dog but she is skeptical of other people. I think she is willing to give anyone a chance who is kind and patient. She is so eager to please her humans and will do whatever she can for a treat.  Fluffy has really warmed up to my dad who visits a few times a month. Fluffy spent a week with a volunteer sitter while we went on vacation recently. The sitter said she was an “easy keeper.”

Pupdate 1: 
Fluffy girl is a lover and a fighter.  I cried when I saw the first video of this sad, scared dog.  She’s so happy to have been rescued from her life on the chain in Alabama.  Even with all she has been through, Fluffy loves hard.  She growled at me when I first met her and she was snuggled in the crook of my neck by the end of the night.  Fluffy’s favorite thing to do is snuggle with those she trusts.  She now has soft, silky fur; we had to cut back a lot of her fur when she arrived because it was matted and unkempt.  Fluffy girl was very skinny when she got here from Alabama; she has since gained ten pounds and loves to eat.  She is very food motivated and easily redirected.  

Fluffy gets along well with other dogs and ignores cats for the most part.  Fluffy is fearful of men, teenagers,  and rambunctious children but she has come so far from that first walk I took her on.  She was literally scared by her own shadow!  I don’t crate Fluffy because she is frightened by the crate.  She does fine free roaming in the house for several hours.  If I am gone all day, I block off a small room and she uses pee pads.  She is housebroken but is unable to hold it while I’m at work all day.  Fluffy enjoys spa music and a bone in my absence.  She doesn’t have separation anxiety and doesn’t bark.  I’ve only heard her bark when she feels threated by people she doesn’t trust invading her space.  She’s a quiet and lovely Southern belle when it’s just me and her.  I put her in another room when a lot of guests come over because she gets nervous.  Having said that, she joined me in downtown Madison and at Wisconsin Brewery Company; she did very well in both settings.  She was more curious than fearful. 

Fluffy has arthritis in her joints and will require a daily joint supplement for life ($20 per month).  Fluffy also has a neuromuscular condition that has no treatment.  This condition causes weakness in her lower legs.  Fluffy has made great accommodations for her weak legs.  She can do everything an average dog can do.  She can run, jump, and climb stairs but she does look very klutzy when she does.  She tires out more quickly than an average dog.  She’s very satisfied with a 5-10 minute walk per day and lying around like a couch potato the rest of the time.  Her condition doesn’t seem to cause pain.  It actually seems to give her superpowers because she’s extremely flexible and can escape through the smallest cracks. Because we don’t know how long Fluffy has been affected by her neuromuscular condition, there is a chance it could get worse over time and cause weakness higher up her legs.  I can say that Fluffy has not gotten weaker in the three months I’ve known her.  She has so gotten so much stronger, physically and mentally!