lab Mix|female|5 months old|25 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Echo continues to do great at our house. She is a mix of sweet and sassy and always keeps us laughing. She loves to play with my kids and one of her favorite activities is waking them up in the morning! She has a ton of energy and never stops moving from room to room. I have started taking her on walks with our dog and she loves exploring the neighborhood.

Echo is very shy when strangers come to the house or when we take her new places, but she is starting to get familiar with people that we see often. We are working on building her confidence with meeting new people and new dogs.

Once this puppy warms up to you, you will get to see her spunky personality and you will never believe it's the same dog you first met!! She's a cute, loving little girl and is ready to make someone very happy!!!

Pupdate 1: Meet Echo! She's a sweet pup who came from Alabama and is now ready to find her forever home.

Echo is a funny puppy with a big personality. We can already tell she is smart and loyal and seems very happy living in a cozy house! She likes to play with toys, jump around the house on furniture, wrestle with our kids, and observe all the action. She was shy when we first got her and still gets a little nervous around new people or new environments but in our home is very comfortable. She is friendly with our resident dog and is curious about other dogs and cats.

Echo is doing great with potty training. When we keep her on a regular schedule she doesn't have accidents in the house. She has never had an accident in her crate.

Echo is crate trained. She can sleep in her crate at night up to nine hours which is amazing for a puppy her age! We also crate her when we can't supervise her in the house and when we are at work. She sometimes whines for a few minutes but then settles in very nicely.

Echo is waiting for a home that can give her lots of snuggles, walks, playtime, and basic training. Could that be you?