chocolate lab|male|7 years old|77 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Another beautiful Summer day to exercise playing ball and then collapse in the cool pool!  This after going on a 3-mile-run this morning!  What a fun dog for someone who loves to keep active!

Pupdate 2: The longer Duke is with us the more comfortable he is becoming!  He has become quite the love and eagerly awaits each new activity or outing.  He is definitely a dog that loves to move and would be a great friend to someone who loves to walk, run, swim, and throw a ball!  I take Duke and my other dog out running 3 times per week and they do great!  Duke is a very good walker and doesn’t pull while on his leash.

Almost all of the anxiety that we first saw when Duke arrived has disappeared.  He was definitely adjusting to new routines and family members.  Now he is constantly seeking belly rubs from anyone that will stop.  The only time he wants to be left alone is when he is exhausted from running or chasing the ball and needs to cool down.  I do advise visitors to at first just not pay attention to him until he has had the chance to smell them and approach them since visitors have made him nervous in the past.  Once he sees they are friends, then he will beg for treats and pets.

Duke and my resident dog have become quite good buddies!  They continue to open up to each other and we will frequently find them rolling all over each other playing.  Wherever one goes, the other must go too.  They do quite well staying with me while off leash in the yard and if they do venture off a bit, Duke will always come to me when I call his name.

We are still working on some separation anxiety.  I work from home on a different level of my home then where Duke is and I do hear him barking if he can hear me. When we leave the home he doesn’t bark, just when he can hear us. This sweet boy just loves to be loved and wants to find someone who has plenty to share!!

Pupdate 1: Check out this handsome fella!  Duke is a seven-year-old chocolate lab who was originally going to be a hunter.  When it became apparent that gunfire was not his thing, he became an incredibly loyal companion.  Duke is looking for a home that is willing to be patient and shower him with love as he adapts and builds trust with new owners.  When he first arrived he was very anxious and nervous about his foster home and humans.  He was very clear when he wanted space and time alone.  He is a middle aged gentleman who has had lots of transition and is understandably cautious.  Once he learned to trust us and received unending love, pool parties, car rides and ball throwing play times he became the biggest love and always wanted to be a part of what was going on.  Because Duke is slow to transition, his new home should be adult only or with older children.  His foster home has children of all ages but we are very careful to teach the children when it is ok to pet and engage with Duke, and all dogs, by not surprising him asking him if it’s ok to pet him. 

I have no doubt that once Duke finds his forever home and has a chance to trust and become a loved member, that his anxiety will subside.  He is a lover and when he sees his favorite humans, he rolls over for belly rubs!  Duke has been in a home with another dog and they have interacted beautifully.  Duke is beginning to engage with the other dog in play and ends up on his back encouraging rolling around.  We have had him free in the house when we leave because his previous owners advised he was not a fan of a crate.  He does well except has been known to counter surf for treats!  

Duke is a beautiful animal with a huge heart that is in need of another huge heart willing to love him and be his forever friend!