heeler/spaniel Mix|male|2 years old|70 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Domino is super smart, and it's showing in his training. He is learning to jog on a treadmill. He took to it right away, and he'll be on it for up to five minutes at a time now that he's had practice. He loves the snow. He has fun bounding around, scooping it up with his mouth, and then taking breaks from that to play with his dog friends. 

Pupdate 3: Domino is doing well with a routine and consistent expectations. He still gets very excited when he first gets out of his crate or when new people come over, but he is working on staying focused on what he is supposed to be doing. After a little while he settles down and is content to lie on his dog bed. As long as he has had some exercise Domino spends most of his day relaxing around the house and occasionally playing with a toy. He is very motivated by food and treats, which help him learn quickly. 

Pupdate 2: Domino here! I've been at my foster home for just over a month now. It took me a little while to learn the rules, but now I've settled in quite well. It didn't take me long to find my favorite spots to curl up in though! We had lots of guests for Thanksgiving and I was so happy to get love from them! It was really hard, but I didn't even jump on any of them or take any food. Everyone kept telling me how handsome I am and how soft my fur is. I have to say, I agree. Now that I have my prong collar my foster mom says that I do better on walks than my foster brother. I also sleep through the night in my crate way better than my human foster baby sister

Pupdate 1: Domino has a sweet and silly personality and loves to be around people. He tends to see what he can get away with and can get grumpy when he doesn't get what he wants, so he needs firm and consistent limits to prevent negative behaviors like jumping, pulling on a leash, and "counter surfing". Domino has been working on training his focus with the use of an e-collar and prong collar and is doing amazingly well! He is so smart and is learning very quickly. He can now control his impulses and stay in place instead of getting into trouble. He is also very food motivated and loves doing tricks for treats. 
Domino has demonstrated food possessiveness with male dogs and high-value treat possessiveness with humans, but he is able to be distracted with his new training. It may be best for him to be an only dog because of this issue, but he currently lives with 2 male dogs and it is able to be managed. His play style can get a bit rough, so he needs to be supervised, but he has done well at doggy daycare in the past and likes playing with one of his foster brothers. 
Domino has lived with young children and loves them. He may get a little too rowdy for young children, but this could be managed with continued e-collar training. He is gentle with the baby in his foster home and does not mind the noise. He can sometimes be hesitant with strangers, but warms up quickly and loves to make new friends. Domino is housebroken, crate trained, and walks well on a leash with the use of a prong collar (without it he pulls extremely hard). He has a lot of energy and enjoys getting exercise, but if his family is just hanging out he can nap for hours. He loves to play with toys and run around in fenced areas. Domino would thrive with a family that likes spending time outside and is committed to continuing his training so that he is able to be the best dog that he can be.