Chihuahua/Aussie Mix|male|9.5 years old|23 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Django continues to be a pleasure to be around.  He loves to relax and take naps in his favorite spot, preferably with a lot of pillows around him.  He also is very playful and loves to run and chew on flavored bones or toys.  He loves to curl up to you and listen to music or watch TV, but don’t be surprised if he drifts of into a nap or tries to sneak in a kiss.  He gets along well with everyone. He has previously attended doggy daycare and has been known to get along with dogs, cats, kids and adults all just fine.  He loves to go for rides in the car and is fun to take along.

He has been making great progress on his leash reactivity and has been easy to redirect when he sees other dogs.  He follows directions very well and is a smart dog.  He also is getting very used to noises he hears outside the condo of his foster home.  He has been more relaxed as he has become used to his environment.  He is completely housebroken and does not chew or bite things (other than flavored bones).  

Django is a very loyal companion and is not hesitant to show his love.  He cheerfully greets you when you walk in the door, and when he does his play bow he is ready to have some fun.  He would make a great companion in a home where he can enjoy play time, but also have quiet time where he can just relax and be the laid back dog he is.

Pupdate 1: Meet Django, a small dog with a big heart! Django is genuinely a pleasure to be around and he has won over the hearts of everyone in his foster home.  Django is completely house-trained and has excellent manners.  He has had no accidents in the house and he is able to roam freely when no one is home.   Django is a very obedient dog.  He readily listens to commands and responds happily for the most part.  However, if he is not happy with what you are telling him to do he will still obey, but not with a pout or a sigh.  He sometimes has his moods and makes you feel like you are dealing with a teenager instead of a dog…fortunately he doesn’t act out so it can be funny to see a pup with so much personality. 

Also, don’t let Django’s age fool you, He can run and play with the best of them.  He may need to stop and get a drink from time to time, but he is a very playful dog.  He also likes his down time where he will curl up to you and give puppy hugs and kisses.  He also loves to find a soft spot to lay and sleep for a while.

Django does like quiet spaces.  He can be sensitive to loud noises.  He does not like slamming doors and when he thinks someone is coming too close to an outside door he will growl or bark.  He also is reactive to other dogs.  Most dogs he has come in contact with he barks at and will try to lunge at them.  He is a little guy so he is easily restrained.  He is working on this, and what has been working to limit the reactivity is to redirect his attention to walking or something else outside.  He has been improving even when dogs bark at him first.  Surprisingly he did well when at the vet and even got close enough to another dog so they could sniff each other.  Django is not a big barker so outside of these two things he rarely barks.

Django also has seasonal allergies and he gets itchy feet.  He takes Apoquel for this and also is using a special shampoo.  His allergies go away when the ground freezes.  These allergies tend to make him lick his feet a lot and he has special cone to put around his neck when it gets too bad.  He lets you put the cone on his neck without any issues. 

Django also gets along well with people.  Everyone he meets comments on how fine he conducts himself.  He is a little shy at first, but once he sniffs you he is good.  He hasn’t been around any toddlers, but he has been around older kids without an issue.  He would do best in a quiet home without a lot of loud noises. 

If you are looking for a well-trained dog with personality, and a lifelong companion who has a lot of love to give, Django may be the one for you!