Black Mouth Cur Mix|male|3 months old|19 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: He was abandoned on a highway in Louisiana with his brother Reid, but now this sweet puppy is ready for his forever home. Derek is such a sweet, cute, cuddly, energetic puppy and he has a great personality.  He loves people and loves to be around our resident dog. They wrestle and play every single day, but Derek is definitely the submissive of the two. We always keep an eye on Derek in the house because he has typical puppy behavior such as grabbing a running shoe and chewing the laces. Derek hasn't had a ton of accidents and he is learning to go to the backdoor when he needs to go potty. He should go to a family who can commit to taking him out on a consistent basis and continue to work on potty training.

Derek is doing great with crate training. He goes to bed around 10 pm and sleeps until 5 am when he is let out. He then goes back into the crate until about 8 am. He sometimes yips or whines for a bit before bed, but eventually settles down.

Derek is very energetic. He would thrive in a house with a lot of action with a family who loves dog park trips, walks, and exposure to other dogs and people. If you are a family that is looking for a easy, low energy dog that won't take much training or time, this dog is not for you, BUT if you are looking for a sweet, cuddly, loving puppy that is eager and ready to learn how to be a great family dog, then Derek is your man!!!  He is a sweet boy that is ready for his forever family- hopefully that's you!