Looking for a Unicorn

Our sweet, sweet Daisy is still with us! 4 months this week. What a ride it's been. 

I haven't posted in a long time - we had our hands quite full with puppies for quite awhile. Shannon did an excellent job of taking care of them in her home. All were adopted to wonderful homes and that makes us so very happy! 

Since then, we've been working hard on her social skills. I've learned over time what makes her tick, which makes it a bit easier to correct. I'm still learning myself, but not as afraid to try things with her as I was in the beginning. (I've always had cute little puppies to foster until Miss Daisy entered my life.)

I call her 98% perfect, 2% crazy Daisy!

She one of the most loyal and loving dogs I've ever met. I've learned so much about Daisy - she LOVES trail walking. A fetch foster, Kristin, watched her while our family went on vacation and opened her eyes to trail walking. She loves walking on leash and almost prefers it to being on a tie-out. She has learned how to walk with a prong collar and we are now in a training class learning to use a correction collar.  She walks and listens beautifully on all methods.  She loves to snuggle, she loves to play with my dogs, she loves treats and your full attention. She's simply amazing! That's the 98%. 

That 2% doesn't show it's head as much as it did, but it's does come out occasionally.  Daisy still has a bit of reactivity... Most times are very predictable - she doesn't like surprises, like people/dogs coming up unexpectedly or too fast. In the beginning, she was fearful of kids and other dogs. Over the past couple weeks and months she has become much more accepting of of the dogs ... but with slow intros. She is wonderful with my 2 dogs and even got along great with a 6 pound hairless Chihuahua over the past weekend. As for kids, I don't have small kids around any longer and haven't been around any to "test" her for quite awhile. I would alway feel more comfortable with Daisy on leash and under supervision around strangers/kids at first until she feels they are not a threat.  We do have 3 teenagers and she's wonderful with our girls... their friends are another story. She tends to get excited when they first come through the door, I keep her on a leash so that she can not get too close. She is getting better at calming down quickly and that's an improvement. We are also working on Place command. 

So, I'm looking for a UNICORN for my beautiful girl. You've got to be out there somewhere right??? We are on our 5th application - still trying to find the perfect match. I'd like to find someone that is an Experienced Dog owner and/or willing to work with her and have patience to continue working on that 2% reactivity. I'm also looking for someone that doesn't have small kids. A calm environment would be perfect for her. She can be left alone uncreated, doesn't chew on things, she's actually a bit of a hoarder. She's perfectly potty trained and is perfect on leash. She is an amazing dog that is ready to give you all the love she has to offer. She's calm, sweet, smart, beautiful & loyal. Are you her person? 

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