We love Daisy! She's beautiful and sweet and such a fantastic Mama! She knew exactly what to do during birth. She cleaned the puppies and made sure her spot in the pool was clean, she got the pups snuggled right away and was really good about knowing where all of them were. 

We only had her for about 2 weeks before the puppies were born. She was quite pregnant near the end. She showed Shannon and I nothing but her sweet side. However, she was a little growly towards my dogs, people out walking, anything that would get a little too close for her comfort. When we were in for her x-ray to see how many pups were inside, while the vet was trying to get her on the xray table, she tried to bite him. (If I were as big as her and someone tried to pick me up and flip me over, I might have done the same thing). We were hoping this was part of her being uncomfortable at the end of her pregnancy... and also partly due to being in a new environment. So much NEW! 

Once the pups were born, she turned up her protective mode. She will only really let Shannon, myself and my husband come into the pen. She gets growly and barks towards anyone else in the room. So, we've dealt with this a few ways. My dogs go straight outside, no one gets close to the pen. Same thing for my teenagers... no eye contact... just keep moving. 

2 weeks into having the pups here she's finally starting to relax a bit. She is still pretty protective, but we've shown her over and over again that we are not going to harm the pups and we always bring them back if we take one out. She's gotten much better with my dogs outside and upstairs. She still doesn't want them anywhere near her area in the lower level. She's much better with my teens upstairs and only a bit leary downstairs. She's better at controlling her barking outdoors when strange people/dogs walk by. 

We are still hoping that she's just in protective mode and that once the pups are big enough, she will get back to being her awesome self around others all the time. I do think she's got a ways to go on some basic behavior issues and I'm hopeful that she'll get there. Time will help. 

She's a wonderful dog. I just love her. My goal is to find her the most perfect home that will fit her needs. She deserves the very best.