Catching UP... BIRTHDAY-2weeks!

I am so sorry that it's taken this long to catch up.... but it's literally like having a newborn in the house.... x5!!!!! 

So here we go! 

About 6 hours after our maternity photo shoot I could tell something was up. Daisy was panting and pacing a bit. About 10pm or so that night I thought, well... maybe this first stage will take awhile so I told Shannon I would call her if anything changed. About 11pm I had to call her and tell her it was GO TIME!!! We got Daisy to the pool and saw that she was actively having contractions. 1am the first pup was born!!! We call him RED for now because he's got a little red collar on. Daisy did a great job cleaning him up. Shannon was cool as a cucumber delivering the pups... I on the other hand saw placenta for the first time.... OMG, yep... I didn't barf, but wowza! Checking that off the list of things I've seen in my life! Moving on. 

Last pup was born here about 10:30am - but we knew she had more pups yet to come. An hour went by, then 2... by the 2.5 hour mark, we were starting to get concerned. Called VES (our Go to Emergency Vet) We knew we couldn't go over 4 hours... Daisy was tired from pushing, the clock was ticking... our awesome foster partners gave us the green light to take her to the Emergency room. We managed to get Daisy into the back our our SUV, packaged up all of her puppies in a laundry basket and away we went. They gave us our own room and after an examination, it was decided that she was too tired to push and needed a C-section. Shannon and I stayed with the puppies. Daisy did amazing! 

We ended up with 6 puppies - one of which Shannon brought back to life (Orange collar). She was the smallest of the bunch. She had a hard time breathing at first. Shannon did CPR, rubbed her vigorously and got that little stinker to survive. Sadly, it was only for a few days. We knew she turned a corner a few days in, she was much weaker than the rest... she would eat, but not much. That last night with her was fairly rough. I slept right next to the pool that night, waking up every 20 mins to rub her, keep her warm, try to get her to eat. By 7am... she was gone. I did CPR and could hear her lungs rattling... I think she gave her best shot at being here, but it wasn't meant to be. 

Now with 5 healthy strong pups... we were on a 24/7 watch for that first week. Not much sleeping happened for us humans, but a lot of other awesome things did for the pups! We weighed them twice a day to make sure everyone was gaining weight. They scared us a bit around day 4 or 5 ... some were gaining more than others. Some lost a little... we called VES again to make sure we were doing everything correctly. They reassured us that we were doing great! Just like human babies, weight goes up and down a bit till it evens out. They could move around the pool a little by pushing their back legs. We'd help them get to Daisy to eat. They loved sleeping under the heat lamp. Daisy is an amazing Mom!!! She's doing everything that she's supposed to do for her pups! Including.... being territorial. More on that later. 

Week 2! So much can happen in 2 WEEKS! Oh my gosh... we got fuzz on our ears and faces this week, we are using all 4 legs to scoot around, our tails start wagging when we eat our noses sniff to find mama. It's truly amazing to watch how fast they grow!! Most of their eyes are still closed at this point. Red had 1 eye starting to open at the end of week 2. 

At the end of week 2, each pup was given the first round of dewormer. That was fun... no, not really. The pups hated it only ever eaten from Daisy. Shannon did a good job of getting them to eventually taking the syringe. We did this at 9pm... by 1am.... I was up with cranky puppies. Next time, we will do this in the morning. Live and Learn!! 

We are so proud of Daisy and her pups! They are an amazing bunch and can't wait to see where the next few weeks take us. Already this week... the start of the 3rd week, we are seeing them lift themselves up on all fours! I think everyone has their eyes open at least a tiny bit. I don't think they can really see yet, but man they are CUTE!!!!! 

Photos are from BIRTH DAY!! April 19th

Stay tuned, we'll try to update more often now that things are calming down a tad.