The pups turned 5 weeks yesterday! This is a snippet of the happy crew outside with Daisy last night. We wouldn't dare show the "horror movie" of the behind the scenes amount of poo that 5 week olds can do! OMG, Shannon is a saint! The pups are growing every day, they are fun loving and getting socialized very well. Daisy is also becoming her own confident girl without being around the pups constantly. She's a work in progress - she's got a ways to go, but she's come so far!! Proud, proud, PROUD of her!! 

And just a PSA (Fetch didn't tell me to plug them) - if any one is ever interested in Fostering, Fetch Rescue can always use a hand. If you'd like to adopt a rescue... your awesome! Make sure to get your application in. There is a process to adopting and it can take time to approve.