Oh no.... I have to prepare myself!

Man, what can I say about this girl. Daisy has come so far! She was shy and fearful when we first met. It took about 4 days for me to get a single wag out of her that first week. I literally stayed with her day and night leading up to her pups being born. Shannon would come as much as she could so that we could both gain her trust. Over time, she was very comfortable with both of us. 

We've kinda been though a lot together - gaining trust, her final weeks of pregnancy, the birth of her pups, feedings, photo shoots, weening and now she's working on trusting other humans & dogs, learning how to play with our dogs and toys! She's also starting to work on the basics like sit and come. She's got a ways to go yet, but she's come so far! 

I'm starting to prepare myself for letting her go. I usually have a clear split in my brain when I foster. "This is not my dog, I'm just helping to get them to where they needs to go." That's it. .... yeah right! Logically I know this is true. But... I also have a big heart that tends to love too much. When we took Daisy on, I wasn't thinking so much about her... I was thinking about helping her with the process of having her puppies. However, she's been such a work in progress this entire time that it's really hard not to fall in love with her and all she's accomplished. My main goal now is to find the most perfect match she could ever imagine. The Fetch team is amazing when finding matches. I don't know how they do it, but every time I've had a foster, they've found fabulous matches. I'm confident we will find someone to give her the best life. (I'm not crying... you are!)

My friends all assumed I'd be keeping Miss Daisy - and boy do I wish I could. It's not meant to be though. I've got my pups Jovi & Lambeau (who have been rockstars in dealing with Daisy) They've rolled with all the punches that Daisy has dealt over the last 7 weeks. As much as I love Daisy, she's not a great match with Jovi & Lami. She likes to hog attention away from the other two loves of my life. They are totally fine together, but I think Daisy would be better suited in a quieter environment. Hopefully her new family will send lots of updates and photos. 

We've got her vet appointment this Friday and if everything checks out, she will be up for adoption shortly. I'm not thinking that she will get adopted right away, but you never know. She is pretty darn awesome! Could it be you? Are you Daisy's match?