Mother's Day - May 12th

Well, we had quite the Mother's Day here! 

It was about 1am on Mother's Day when I went down to check on Daisy and the pups. Earlier in the day Daisy basically kicked off the puppies - the puppies have freshly grown, sharp little teeth. Daisy decided it was too much to take so she stopped being able to feed them. We started feeding them blended puppy food with milk replacement added. 

I was worried the pups weren't eating enough so I went to check on everyone about 1am. I came downstairs to find Daisy really sick! She threw up all over the basement to the point where I was in contact with the emergency vet. I eventually had to take her into the ER. Meanwhile, I was messaging Shannon and our foster partners. Luckily Shannon woke up and saw my panicked messages. Without hesitation she came to be with the pups and feed them while I took Daisy. 

Daisy went through a bunch of tests that ultimately came up clear! Whew!!! They don't really know why she got so sick. We wondered if it was because when she stopped feeding the pups she got soooo engorged that it threw her off a bit?? Not sure. To add insult to injury - the vet gave her medication to help her control her nausea. It immediately set off an allergic reaction! It was scary. Benadryl helped fairly quickly and they eventually sent us home around 5:30am. She was 100% fine within 24 hours. 

While that was going on... Shannon - the Saint that she is, was helping to clean up after Daisy. While doing so, she texted me "I think something's wrong, your basement is flooding!". I told her to wake my husband. So by 3am both of them were downstairs moving furniture, sucking water, pulling up carpet. Om gosh!!! Such a mess!! Our sump pump failed!!!! 

Mother's Day.... Our finished basement was not in good shape. With fans blowing and lots of chaos, we were worried about the pups staying warm enough. Thankfully Daisy had just weened the pups so we made the decision to move the pups to Shannons house! Daisy stayed with me. 

Puppies & Daisy actually have been thriving in their separate environments. Shannon has a fantastic set up for the pups. Keeping them warm and fed. It's been trial and error during week 4 of when to feed, how much to feed... Shannon had a lot of sleepless nights but heading into week 5 now, we are in a groove. Daisy & I stop over multiple times a day to help with feedings and to play.  It's truly a team effort!