Welcome Miss Daisy

Daisy and her husband Bo lived down south, outside with not much love or attention. They were abused during that time, the cops were called, the landlord was called .. eventually the dogs were removed and have been in temporary foster care. Meanwhile, months ago, Shannon and I thought it would be a cool experience to foster a pregnant pup if the chance ever came up. We've been on a list with Fetch Rescue if thesituation ever occurred ... so we got an email last week asking if anyone was available to help this beautiful girl. We talked it over and decided to go for it! (we kind of said yes before the husbands were on board... it's one of those, ask for forgiveness later type of deals.) :) Daisy is a week or so away from having her first and only litter of pups so she got a quick ride up here over the weekend. The Amazing volunteers (I don't even know how many have been involved... so MANY!!) from fosters to drivers to pilots to coordinators... you name it, this girl was lucky enough to have all these amazing people help her out to get to Wisconsin. She's now here in her foster home sleeping comfortably while waiting for her pups to arrive. We will be keeping a journal here of our adventures with her and her pups until they are all adopted.