April 7th - The Adventure Begins

Our next fostering adventure begins!! Shannon & I are co-fostering beautiful miss Daisy. She came from down south where she and her husband Bo were not treated very well. Thankfully they were able to get out of their situation and into safe temporary foster homes. Today Daisy finally made it up here to Verona!! (Bo will come at a later date). She is due with puppies in the next week or so!!! This girl is gorgeous!! The pictures really don't do her justice. She's sweet and shy. Hopefully in the weeks to come, she will open up to us. We are so excited to have her here in a warm safe place. Whats your guess? How many pups do you think she'll have? (hint: she's about 1.5 feet wide, 61lbs)

DAISY UPDATE : Omgooooooosh!!! She is the coolest pup ever!! Her tail is still somewhat tucked under at all times, but she's doing great at looking at me, coming to my side, taking food. You can tell she is a bit nervous and probably overwhelmed. She slept well last night and ate a full bowl of food and drank all her water. Took her out this morning. She was nervous at first, so I brought her back in. She ate another bowl of food and a lot of water. We went back out and walked around. She's a slow mover!! I'm wondering if she was in a fenced area or something where she couldn't see people, cars, moving things??? She is completely sucked into watching anything that moves. We watched a dog go by (Thanks Tucker! Christi, Jon) and she did great. However, a lady was running towards us and she started to growl a little bit. After that she did both 1 & 2!!!! YAYAYA!!! We came inside, she checked out the whole man cave again and then went back to her bed. I'm excited to see that tail wag at some point. Her eyes are still so sad and worried... it's going to be awesome when she comes around.