April 13th - Friday the 13th! ooooooohh

I thought it would be our luck today that miss Daisy would have those pups, she was kinda restless today, up more than yesterday, I swear that belly doubled in size overnight... but I think it was just gas. Haha!! 

Shannon got to spend some awesome one-on-one time with her tonight. Nice walks watching the traffic go by. She's still so fascinated by moving things! She got lots of cuddles from her bestie Shannon!! Lucky girl! 

Tonight, we decided to get a little crazy around here and let all 3 dogs hang out together upstairs. We've had Daisy separated for the most part this last week. Didn't want to overwhelm her. We've had short spurts where they've been able to meet and sniff... but Daisy has been a bit growly. But tonight she seemed like she was more comfortable so we let her upstairs to hang out. She's been doing GREAT. Now growling. Everyone's just chewing on rawhide and chilling out. 

She's come a long way in 6 days!!!