April 11th - Wet and Wild Night

Well.... we decided it was time to try and wash Mama Daisy... she just felt like she could use a good bath. I don't have an easy place to wash her here so we took her to Pet Supply Plus. They were nice enough to let us have the room to ourselves. Being our first time trying to wash her, we were pretty cautious of how she might react. If you've been there, they have a low tub and a high tub. The low tub is still a foot off the ground so Daisy would have to step up to get in it. She wasn't having it. She wasn't growly, but she definitely put the breaks on. Shannon ran out to find some treats to help the situation. Daisy is a SMART girl... she made her mind up that she wasn't getting in. So we decided to bring the hose to her. We probably broke all the rules, washed her right in the middle of the room! She was not too sure at first, but once we got going... I think she liked it!! Not sure if she's ever had a bath before, but we think she was digging it!!