April 10th - Wait... how many are in there????

Daisy got to visit the pregnancy vet today! She did great. She was very fearful of the car ride. I hope she didn't think I was dropping her off somewhere new again. Our vet was very sweet with her. Heart & Lungs sound great. She went from 61 lbs a couple weeks ago to weighing in at 81 pounds today!!  We found out that this probably isn't her first litter and that she's probably more like a year or two old instead of 11 months. Poor girl has been through a lot. We also had an X-ray done to see how many pups were in there an how far along she is. We are sworn to secrecy on the actual number we saw.... but lets just say.... I almost fainted in the vets office .... and Shannon and I will need to quit our day jobs to man the amount of sweet chaos that is about to come in the next week or so.