Plott Hound/Mountain Cur Mix|female|2 years old|66 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 6: Lots of great things happened this week. We got ready for Thanksgiving by going to a Groomer for the first time. She did GREAT!!!! Her report card said "Absolute Angel", and she even let the groomer kiss her!  Yeah DAISY! She also meet some of our adult guests at Thanksgiving and behaved perfectly. We eventually let the leash go and she was able to wander and get pets & treats from everyone. This was 100% new and I can't lie, I shed a few happy tears. 

We are still having some issues with short outbursts - mainly when our teenagers have their friends over. We think we've narrowed it down to 1. She just wants to be dominant over them so she gives a big bark and then they have no interest in coming near her. 2. I think she's protective of me and/or our family? She's by my side 80% of the day, I work from home. She loves our teens but that's about where the line stops. She's not interested in loving their friends. We keep trying though. Some days are better than others for sure. 

Overall, this girl has come so far and is just the sweetest. I would still recommend no small kids for her. I think their energy might not be a great match for Daisy. She's great with our dogs, she chases our kitties a bit but mainly leaves them alone. She's perfect on leash, and has a regular potty schedule. She's the most loving girl ever. From a pup that grew up with negative attention, she now demands the positive. She loves being adored. She would do best in a quiet home with a fenced in area would be ideal.  She's low maintenance for sure but does have the occasional outburst - stranger danger coming into the house mainly.  Are you her person? 

Pupdate 5: Lots of improvement this past week. We've had a LOT of teens through the house this summer... specifically the last couple weeks! Daisy has a fear of loud bouncy things... like teenagers! BUT, we keep trying to show her it's ok, they aren't out to hurt her. I still keep a leash on her when new people come over just in case, but I'm working on loosening my grip so that she doesn't sense fear from me holding her back... she's also been able to make decisions on her own while still under control. She's done well and all teens around her have been so respectful of her space. She's gone up, sniffed, gotten pets... this is such a great thing to see.  The rest of her day is spent being fairly lazy. She loves walks, snoozing on the couch and looking sweetly into your eyes for treats! YAY DAISY!

Pupdate 4: Looking for a UNICORN : 

I'd like to find someone that is an experienced dog owner and/or willing to work with her and have patience & time to continue working on that 2% reactivity. (Please see blog for more info on her 2%)  I'm also looking for someone that doesn't have small kids. A calm environment would be perfect for her. She can be left alone uncrated, doesn't chew on things, she's actually a bit of a hoarder. She's perfectly potty trained and is perfect on leash. She is an amazing dog that is ready to give you all the love she has to offer. She's calm, sweet, smart, beautiful & loyal. Are you her person? 

Please see Daisy's Blog update :

Pupdate 3: My ideal family would be experienced dog owners who have time and patience to work with me on training and confidence. I would like a home without young children, and need slow intros to other dogs and cats.

Pupdate 2: I had the opportunity to sit this great girl for a week. I’ll admit she was nervous for a day and a half, but once we hit the trail for a run... the most awesome thing happened. She went from uncertain to confident. Smelling, running, pointing, never too far from me, and takes commands.
Needs affection and love because she has so much to give. Daisy has a history, but this dog is so affectionate and loving despite what she’s been through. She wants to learn, loves to snuggle, and needs someone to help with her confidence. Patience with her is a must, it took days to bond with her, but the reward is worth it, she is fantastic! Walks great on a leash, totally potty trained, you can leave her out during the day. I watch her on a camera and she’s only sleeping while I’m gone. Get ready to bond with this girl... she’s so awesome. Take a good look, she is a keeper!

Pupdate 1: What can I say about this beautiful girl? She's had a super rough start down south but luckily was rescued and finally taken care of the way she deserves. She came to us on a little prop plane in late May very, very pregnant. She was shy and scared, and it took constant love and affection for days on end to get her to look us in the eyes and finally wag that long tail. 

Over the next two weeks, we prepared to have her puppies and she did wonderful during the birthing process. She was such a loving, caring mother to her newborns. The 3 weeks that followed, she did what her instincts told her... she was impeccable with her pups. However, she also let us know that she was very protective of them too. We had only known Daisy as either pregnant or with pups - so we weren't sure if her behavior was because of them or if this is just how she was. 

The puppies were weaned right at the 3 week mark. The pups then went to another foster home and everyone has thrived since. Daisy still gets to visit her pups regularly even! Since weaning the puppies, Daisy has really grown into a much more confident girl. She's great on leash, she's never had an accident indoors. She a super sweet girl that's learning that the world isn't such a terrible place.  She has done well with teenage children and with other dogs when her puppies aren't around.  When she's learned to trust you, she will give you the most adoring looks and lots of love.

She's still got some work to do though and is making great progress.  Daisy would love her next family to be calm/gentle souls, someone that is willing to train her on the basics (sit, stay, down, etc), and people who can give her the patience needed to keep building her confidence around new things.  We've worked with her some on the basics, but most of our time is spent on her confidence.  Daisy may also occasionally get nervous or surprised by sudden or loud movements.  She's getting better at calming down quickly and distraction seems to work well with her, but something her adopters will need to be mindful of.  

Daisy is a fantastic, sweet, loving dog, and she deserves the very best. Are you her person? 

For more info on Daisy, check out her blog :