April 18th - Maternity Photo Shoot

Fun with Miss Daisy! She's keeping us on our toes the last few days. She's gotten so big! She's got to be close. All signs are pointing to her having the pups soon. Shannon and I a excited and a tiny bit nervous. Hoping all goes well with both Daisy and her pups. She's such a beautiful girl. I know she's about to face a really long and not so fun hours/days ahead, but she's strong. She'll be a champ I'm sure. 

Here are a few of the shots we got today. 

April 15th - Snow Day... Again?

Lucky for us, this girl LOVES the snow!! She looks like she's doubled in size in the past week, but she still has some get up and GO when she's out in the snow.  In my uneducated eye... I'm guessing these pups will be here in the next 5 days or less.... poor girl is HUGE!! 

Today we chilled out and snuggled while making this video. Enjoy our journey so far... 

April 13th - Friday the 13th! ooooooohh

I thought it would be our luck today that miss Daisy would have those pups, she was kinda restless today, up more than yesterday, I swear that belly doubled in size overnight... but I think it was just gas. Haha!! 

Shannon got to spend some awesome one-on-one time with her tonight. Nice walks watching the traffic go by. She's still so fascinated by moving things! She got lots of cuddles from her bestie Shannon!! Lucky girl! 

Tonight, we decided to get a little crazy around here and let all 3 dogs hang out together upstairs. We've had Daisy separated for the most part this last week. Didn't want to overwhelm her. We've had short spurts where they've been able to meet and sniff... but Daisy has been a bit growly. But tonight she seemed like she was more comfortable so we let her upstairs to hang out. She's been doing GREAT. Now growling. Everyone's just chewing on rawhide and chilling out. 

She's come a long way in 6 days!!! 

April 11th - Wet and Wild Night

Well.... we decided it was time to try and wash Mama Daisy... she just felt like she could use a good bath. I don't have an easy place to wash her here so we took her to Pet Supply Plus. They were nice enough to let us have the room to ourselves. Being our first time trying to wash her, we were pretty cautious of how she might react. If you've been there, they have a low tub and a high tub. The low tub is still a foot off the ground so Daisy would have to step up to get in it. She wasn't having it. She wasn't growly, but she definitely put the breaks on. Shannon ran out to find some treats to help the situation. Daisy is a SMART girl... she made her mind up that she wasn't getting in. So we decided to bring the hose to her. We probably broke all the rules, washed her right in the middle of the room! She was not too sure at first, but once we got going... I think she liked it!! Not sure if she's ever had a bath before, but we think she was digging it!! 

April 10th - Wait... how many are in there????

Daisy got to visit the pregnancy vet today! She did great. She was very fearful of the car ride. I hope she didn't think I was dropping her off somewhere new again. Our vet was very sweet with her. Heart & Lungs sound great. She went from 61 lbs a couple weeks ago to weighing in at 81 pounds today!!  We found out that this probably isn't her first litter and that she's probably more like a year or two old instead of 11 months. Poor girl has been through a lot. We also had an X-ray done to see how many pups were in there an how far along she is. We are sworn to secrecy on the actual number we saw.... but lets just say.... I almost fainted in the vets office .... and Shannon and I will need to quit our day jobs to man the amount of sweet chaos that is about to come in the next week or so. 

April 7th - The Adventure Begins

Our next fostering adventure begins!! Shannon & I are co-fostering beautiful miss Daisy. She came from down south where she and her husband Bo were not treated very well. Thankfully they were able to get out of their situation and into safe temporary foster homes. Today Daisy finally made it up here to Verona!! (Bo will come at a later date). She is due with puppies in the next week or so!!! This girl is gorgeous!! The pictures really don't do her justice. She's sweet and shy. Hopefully in the weeks to come, she will open up to us. We are so excited to have her here in a warm safe place. Whats your guess? How many pups do you think she'll have? (hint: she's about 1.5 feet wide, 61lbs)

DAISY UPDATE : Omgooooooosh!!! She is the coolest pup ever!! Her tail is still somewhat tucked under at all times, but she's doing great at looking at me, coming to my side, taking food. You can tell she is a bit nervous and probably overwhelmed. She slept well last night and ate a full bowl of food and drank all her water. Took her out this morning. She was nervous at first, so I brought her back in. She ate another bowl of food and a lot of water. We went back out and walked around. She's a slow mover!! I'm wondering if she was in a fenced area or something where she couldn't see people, cars, moving things??? She is completely sucked into watching anything that moves. We watched a dog go by (Thanks Tucker! Christi, Jon) and she did great. However, a lady was running towards us and she started to growl a little bit. After that she did both 1 & 2!!!! YAYAYA!!! We came inside, she checked out the whole man cave again and then went back to her bed. I'm excited to see that tail wag at some point. Her eyes are still so sad and worried... it's going to be awesome when she comes around.

April 7th - Flying Miss Daisy

After a very long day of travel that started by car in Alabama and ended by plane in Madison (with a small ride to Verona) Ms. Daisy has arrived. She is very shy and very pregnant but Holly Benzine and I are happy to report that she ate a little, drank a little, then promptly found a cozy spot to rest her head and fell right to sleep. She is so beautiful and so sweet. We will keep you posted on her progress!!

Welcome Miss Daisy

Daisy and her husband Bo lived down south, outside with not much love or attention. They were abused during that time, the cops were called, the landlord was called .. eventually the dogs were removed and have been in temporary foster care. Meanwhile, months ago, Shannon and I thought it would be a cool experience to foster a pregnant pup if the chance ever came up. We've been on a list with Fetch Rescue if thesituation ever occurred ... so we got an email last week asking if anyone was available to help this beautiful girl. We talked it over and decided to go for it! (we kind of said yes before the husbands were on board... it's one of those, ask for forgiveness later type of deals.) :) Daisy is a week or so away from having her first and only litter of pups so she got a quick ride up here over the weekend. The Amazing volunteers (I don't even know how many have been involved... so MANY!!) from fosters to drivers to pilots to coordinators... you name it, this girl was lucky enough to have all these amazing people help her out to get to Wisconsin. She's now here in her foster home sleeping comfortably while waiting for her pups to arrive. We will be keeping a journal here of our adventures with her and her pups until they are all adopted.