Aussie Shepherd/Beagle Mix|female|4.5 months old|24 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Daiquiri is growing more and more confident every day. She's been coming to work at our studio every day and has become the new favorite shop dog. Exploring, letting people hold her and being silly. She's had more exposure to kiddos and has done really well - very curious and gentle. She's getting really good on her leash and learning some commands. Her new favorite pastime is wrestling with our Staffordshire bull terrier for hours on end and getting the zoomies every night before bed time. She's beginning to lose her teeth so she likes to chew right now and getting a little too big to be held like a baby anymore even though she wants that all the time. Her signature move is an entire butt and hip wiggle when she wags her tail. 

Pupdate 1: Daiquiri is a sweet and gentle pup. She is only 3.5 months old so we're still working on some basic puppy training. She's gotten very good at pottying outside if we stay tuned to her cues. She loves our two larger dogs and will play chase with them or cuddle. Daiquiri has become comfortable and confident in our home but she's still wary and nervous in new situations. We're working on exposing her to new people and places to continue to build her confidence. She's a very loving dog who likes to be held and will have spurts of play too. She's been around a couple of children ages 2 and 5 a couple of times and was nervous and shy but began to warm up.