Hound Mix |Male |1.5 years old |40 lbs | Adoption Fee $275

Country's celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston - that hair!!

Updates from Country's Foster Home: 

Pupdate 13: 
I recently got a new housemate who seems to frankly not be much of a dog person.  Country is still a little cool to him but has never shown any aggression... at first some anxious barking which has gotten better.  As before he can be a little skittish and reads a lot from the people he encounters.  He is visibly more calm and comfortable when meeting someone that knows how to show confidence with dogs.

He has also started showing more of a prey drive for rabbits.  Our morning walk is normally through a park where the rabbits are far too brave for their own good and he'll start stalking as soon as he sees one.  He'll freeze when he gets perhaps ten feet away.  When he is off leash in the yard and sees a rabbit or squirrel he almost always immediately tears off after it instead.  While I still haven't tried to introduce Country to any cats, he has seen a few on our walks.  He definitely notices them and is interested in them, but doesn't exhibit the predatory behaviors he does towards squirrels and rabbits... so with close supervision I think he could do alright.

I feel that overall Country has settled down... at least a little.  He is still a medium energy dog and likes to play.   I'd say I notice the most difference with other dog interactions, as he doesn't immediately need to engage in wild play with every dog  he sees.

Pupdate 12:  My brother and his family stopped by for the night and I got to see a bit more of Country's reaction with children.  I introduced him individually to each of my three nephews and he did pretty well.  He took treats and let himself be touched, though he was noticeably more anxious with the younger two.  He did about as well with the eldest as he does with adults... still a bit cautious at first but by the next day he seemed to warm up enough to want to play.  Unfortunately with all three of the boys around at once he was getting overwhelmed.  They were never rough with him, but they kept trying to crowd him and get him to play when he wanted space.  He never showed any signs of aggression but was rather worked up so I decided to keep him separated for the majority of their stay.  He was definitely uncomfortable with five new people staying in our house that he couldn't see so he was barking far more than usual.  He still slept through most of the night quietly in his crate.  He spent some time with just the adults and did well.  He warmed up to my brother quickly and was generally content to ignore him or take casual pets as we chatted.  Country was a bit more guarded with his wife... some cautious sniffing and a few unexpected barks, but again no signs of aggression or extreme discomfort.

Country would likely adapt well to a household with older children that could be patient with him and would know to respect when he needs space.  With younger children he would probably need constant supervision, at least until he got to know them well.

Pupdate 11: Country is still doing well!

Since the last update he's had the chance to meet several new people, including my parents who were visiting for a few days.  He continues to be a bit shy but seems to warm up to people pretty quickly when I'm around.  With my parents it was interesting because I got to find out a little about his interactions when I wasn't watching.  I was with them during the first introductions and he was accepting pets and going right up to them to greet and interact.  Then he was alone for a few hours and my parents got home first.  He didn't trust them at all and wouldn't let them get close until I was back... at which point he was fine again.  He never showed any aggression but just some anxious barking and kept his distance.  He didn't need me in the room with them all the time but if he saw them first without me he wasn't comfortable.  By the time they left a couple days later he had grown more used to them and wasn't so nervous without me.

Country is also doing better in dog daycare.  When I first had him try daycare he was too nervous with so many dogs to interact and play so he mostly had to be kept separate.  By now he plays with the whole group and loves it! On the days I take him he always comes back exhausted and just sleeps most of the rest of the day.

He's a great dog that still has that puppy energy without being constantly demanding attention.

Pupdate 10:  Country has been enjoying the wonderful weather this weekend!
We took a walk in the park that was rather busy and he was very well behaved!  With so many interesting smells he only paid moderate attention to the other dogs and didn't really pay attention to the other people at all until they came close, at which point he was a touch wary but still let himself be touched.  Given his past poor reactions with small children I was particularly pleased when he let himself be pet by a little girl.  He did try to jump up, but he didn't demonstrate any anxiety or aggression.

He's been better about meeting strangers overall.  I had a guest over and within a couple hours he was snuggling with her on the couch.  He also spent several nights with a sitter while I traveled for work.... I was worried that he would be extremely uncomfortable in a new place (like he was when he first came to me) but he did really well!

On our walks I tried to wean him off treats when passing other people and he had started barking again... the treat in the hand would distract him but he didn't actually learn the right behavior.  Since then I've tried using a pet corrector a few times (basically just compressed air that makes a scary hissing noise) and it's immediately gotten him to stop barking and brings his attention back with me, at which point he gets a treat.  I think it has had the right effect as I haven't needed to use it for the last several walks.

Country has been doing better on days I take him to day care as well.  He still gets anxious with all the dogs at once, but he'll play and interact when presented with individuals or small groups.  The car ride to day care is pretty short but he's more content to stay in his seat.  He gets mildly nervous (and has gotten sick a couple times) but at least for short rides he hasn't shown any distress.

It's exciting seeing Country become more comfortable with new people and new things!

Pupdate 9: Another couple weeks with Country!

He is definitely settled in at this point and I'm not observing any major shifts in behavior.  He's still wary of strangers and still exhibits some of the minor behavior issues I mentioned before.

Country shows a decent amount of independence.  He'll always let me pet him and accepts invitations to play (unless something else seems more interesting) but he doesn't generally demand attention.  If I'm not actively doing something with him he may just busy himself with a chew or squeak toy in the room with me or elsewhere.  Sometimes he'll curl up next to me, sometimes, he'll get comfortable on his own.  Sometimes he'll get in my face to be pet, sometimes he'll just wander to another room.  He's generally been very good about not causing mischief so long as he's had some exercise through the day.

I've been doing a bit of basic obedience training.  While he has "sit" down pretty well and will go into his crate on command, others are still in progress.  We are working on leaving his food until I give the command.  On that note Country has not exhibited any protectiveness toward me when eating.  He'll let himself be pet, he'll let me pick up his dish, and is generally well mannered.

Country has had the opportunity to meet several more dogs since the last update, and for the most part he has done very well!  He loves to run and chase and wrestle and nip, so another active dog around his size would be good for him.  One dog started getting openly aggressive to him and we had to split them up, but otherwise he has behaved himself in one on one interactions.  He'll take cues from the other dog if he is getting too rough and actually seems to be very sensitive about corrections.
I also tried taking Country to day care.  Unfortunately so many dogs in a new and unfamiliar place was overwhelming for him and he had to be separated from the others.  I think this would be a possibility for him with time, but he's just too uncomfortable with new places to take it all in at once... especially since I wasn't able to be with him.  I wouldn't expect it would be necessary for most homes on most days as he still has done great left in the kitchen throughout the day and still has not had an accident in the house.

While I'd like to reiterate that Country wouldn't be a good fit for a home with small children, he would otherwise make a wonderful companion.

Pupdate 8: I got to spend another week with Country, and now that he has gotten comfortable he can be a bit of a rascal!

He's doing much better about his crate and goes in willingly.  Most nights he doesn't make a sound, though occasionally some noise will get him to start barking briefly.  While I'm at work I give him reign of the kitchen and apparently he's learned that he can reach his paws and nose to the counter.  I haven't caught him in the act, but so far the only casualties have been the handle of a pizza cutter, some paper towels, and a few of his waste bags.  When I'm home he has access to most of the house and hasn't shown much interest in many other easily-destroyed objects, so I trust he won't do much undesirable chewing unless he is very bored.  He still hasn't had an accident in the house either.

The first time I gave Country a rawhide chew he took it into his crate to be left alone and when I walked by he growled.  I understand that this kind of guarding behavior is pretty normal and after scolding him he let me take it.  I practiced giving it back and taking it away again several times, and he hasn't growled again since.  I think he trusts now that I'm not going to chew his precious toys myself and he'll come right up next to me and start chewing... but I'd still be careful as he might be defensive with high-value toys with other dogs.

He has taking to digging a bit in the yard.  It always seems to be when he is tracking some scent and never to tunnel under the fence.  He also has never tried to "dig" the carpet inside the house.  If you are able to keep an eye on him I wouldn't be too worried.

He's doing a bit better with other people on walks though with other dogs he hasn't shown much improvement.  It's rare for him now to bark when passing a stranger but with another dog he will often pull and start barking if he isn't allowed to play.
I had a friend who recently got a dog bring theirs over and unfortunately their styles of play didn't mesh well enough to where we felt we could trust them off leash.  The other dog wanted to wrestle while Country wanted to play chase... which always set the other dog off barking and ended up in leash tangles that frustrated them both.  I'm pretty confident that Country wouldn't have gotten aggressive, but since we didn't know either dog too well we decided to play it safe.  On that note, while Country tends to be wary of strangers whenever the other person has a dog he seems to be too distracted to be nervous.

Country is still quite shy around strangers in other situations though.  I had some guests over... one who has had dogs and another who would describe herself as not being a dog person.  Country got along pretty well with the former.  I had him greet her outside the house and he didn't bark and willingly took a treat and let himself be pet, though his body language was uncomfortable.  In the house he barked at her once (not sure why) but otherwise was just a bit cool to her presence.  He would sniff her and take treats but wasn't friends just yet.  With my other friend I think they fed off each others' nervousness.  He was never aggressive but was much more vocal.  Sometimes he'd bark when she walked across the room or when she'd come close to offer a treat.  I checked to see how he would behave shut alone in the kitchen with the guests in the other room.  He'd alternate between silence and somewhat prolonged bouts of barking.  Until he got comfortable with someone I don't think he'd be at ease if he could hear them in the house.

This week I also took my first short ride with Country in my car.  He didn't trust getting in but after luring him with treats he did alright.  I just went around the block and he didn't show any signs of distress, but I also wouldn't recommend taking him in the car without more training unless he were crated or being watched by a second person.  He kept wanting to get up in my face and wouldn't settle back.

Country is a great dog, and still something of a rambunctious pup.  With a bit of training for his minor behavior issues and patience with his shyness he will make a wonderful companion.

Pupdate 7: Country recently moved fosters and I've been having a great time getting to know this sweet pup.  Country is a great dog, but has some minor behavior issues that wouldn't make him a good fit for every home.  He's not very confident so will need lots of positive reinforcement to get comfortable.
Country is pretty vocal and nervous about new things.  On his first day he barked at me quite a bit and also barked at just about any noises (including an owl throughout the night).  I was careful not to give him attention in response to his barking and he has done much better.  He'll still bark occasionally when he hears an unfamiliar sound, when I arrive home, or sometimes when he wants to play. He quickly stops so he isn't compulsive about it, but I don't think he'd be a good fit in an apartment without excellent sound insulation.

On his first couple days he was too nervous to play or just lounge around with me.  Once he gets comfortable he is a very friendly dog and since I spoil him and let him on the furniture he'll gladly walk all over you and cuddle.  He hasn't had a lot of time with other dogs while I've been watching him, but he is very friendly and wants to play.  When playing either with other dogs and with people he can be pretty rambunctious.  He'll do lots of jumping and on a few occasions he's nipped when extremely excited. Country would do great in a home with another dog, but not with a very small dog or one whose personality wouldn't accommodate his rough play.  While I haven't seen him interact with small children, the previous foster mentions that they make him very nervous.  Even if he warmed up to them, his jumping and occasional nipping wouldn't be suitable for a household with young kids.

I have not seen his reaction to cats, but trust the previous foster that he would do well supervised.  He has shown curiosity in other animals (ducks, squirrels) but not an extreme prey drive.  He caught a mouse in the yard today and wasn't sure what to do with it. He pulls a little when walking, but isn't too stubborn.  When he catches an interesting scent (which is almost always) it can be hard to get his attention.  Our walking route takes us by a road with a fair bit of traffic and the cars make him nervous.  Sometimes he ignores them but occasionally he'll bark at one and pull towards it.  Similarly when walking past strangers he generally has done okay, though now and then he'll try to pull towards them and bark.  If I have a treat ready and let him smell it in my hand that is normally enough to keep his attention with me instead of the other walkers.  He's definitely improved as he's gotten more comfortable with me.  His exercise requirements aren't extreme, but he's still young and active.  A daily walk plus a bit of play in the yard or house has been enough.  Once he warmed up to me he loves going after tennis balls, though he isn't always too keen on bringing them back!

Country was very afraid of the crate I had for him at first and even though he is very food-motivated he was hesitant to even take a step in for treats.  By now he'll go in the crate willingly, but still isn't completely comfortable.  Instead of forcing the crate on him too quickly I've left him shut in the kitchen at night and he has done a great job.  He has not had a single accident in the house so far.  When he gets bored alone he may chew something if it seems more interesting than his toys.
I've kept Country to the same feeding schedule as his previous foster.  With how food-focused he is it is important that his diet is pretty well regimented.  He'll follow you around when you have food and I wouldn't trust him with anything within his reach.  He probably has the potential to become a compulsive beggar so I'd highly recommend maintaining discipline and never giving him any scraps. Overall Country is a great dog and would be a joy to the family that can show him the patience and love that he deserves.

Pupdate 6: Can't believe Country still hasn't found his forever home yet! He's an awesome boy who is so excited to see you when you get home. Country is potty and crate trained. He sleeps peacefully in his crate at night and doesn't make a peep. He will do best in a home without small children, as they make him nervous. He loves other dogs and can be around cats as long as he's supervised. Country can't wait to meet you! 

Pupdate 5: Country will be starting some classes soon to help with his fear(s) of new people and things. He's very nervous with strange people at first, but once he's comfortable with you, he's a very loyal and sweet dog. Country is very scared of little kids, though. A home with older kids or adults would be best suited for him. He does great with other dogs!

Pupdate 4: My family came to visit for Christmas and Country did very well around them. He was nervous and shy at first, but then realized they weren't going to hurt him and he was fine! He's also getting better around loud noises- aka the scary vacuum machine!

Pupdate 3: Country is getting better every week with his leash reactivity. He hasn't barked at a passing car in quite some time and he's realizing people aren't as scary as he once thought. He is very food oriented, which makes it relatively easy to train him. He has met a few neighborhood dogs while on his walks and he barks at them for a moment, but then wants to immediately play (with them). He can be left in a crate for good amounts of time as long as he has something to keep him occupied.It's awesome to see him grow as a dog and he can't wait to show his forever family how lucky they'll be to have him! We got some snow here and Country just loved jumping around in it! He's such a good boy who is actively searching for his forever family. Country would do best in a home without small children due to his jumping. He gets easily excited and jumps, which sometimes leads to a few scratches. He is a shy dog who will love you to pieces once he gets comfortable.

Pupdate 2: Country has been adjusting very well into his Foster home. He is learning "stay" and not to jump. He goes right into his crate when asked, and loves peanut butter kongs. He is also doing very well with being respectful of his feline Foster sister. He would make a wonderful addition to a home that wants a spunky puppy who can also cuddle with you all day!

Pupdate 1: Meet Country! This little boy has the most wiggly butt ever. He loves to snuggle and be right next to you. He was pretty scared when I got him, but his foster brother has shown him that the world isn't too scary and he's finally starting to come out of his shell. Speaking of other dogs- Country just loves other dogs and would be delighted to have a canine brother! He is working on his potty training and has only had a few accidents while in my care. He does well in his crate and will whine if he has to go potty, but otherwise he'll sleep peacefully. He also walks great on a leash! So, if you want a sweet pup to have love you to pieces, Country is the one for you!