shih tzu/yorkie Mix|female|3 years old|10 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Coconut is a snuggler and wants to be loved and showered with affection by her human.  She is generous and will share hers as well. She is alittle jealous of the other “resident dogs” of the house and will bark to get her human’s attention occasionally. She likes to carry toys around the house but not necessarily play with them.  She buried a bone outside yesterday (which was a first).  It was very interesting to watch. She will entertain you.

Coconut will tell you all about her day when you get home from work.  She has mild separation anxiety, but a few minutes of talking/barking and jumping and she calms right down. Coconut will go to her kennel during the day, but does not wish to sleep in it at night.  She wants to sleep with her human or dog companions and prefers lots of blankets.

 We are not exactly sure of her age, as Fetch was told she was around 1 yr old, but the recent vet visit thinks she is closer to 3-4 yrs old. She currently weighs about 10 lbs and needs to gain a little more. Good thing she doesn’t seem to be too picky.  She will paw at her bowl when she is hungry too. She also has medication for “seasonal”  allergies.   

 She will love you forever and connects well with her human.   She recently had a sleep over at a babysitters and they stated that she did really well and enjoyed snuggling together.