Sheltie-Corgi Mix|Female|4 Months old|18 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Coal is a very typical puppy.  She has a low-medium energy level.  She would love a family who will supply her with plenty of toys as she LOVES them (toys of any and all types). Coal likes to spend hours laying on the floor and rolling around with her toys.  She also likes playing with her doggy foster siblings too.  Coal has gotten along with all dogs she's met and is currently enjoying going to daycare at The Puppy Den.  She would love a family who has ways to keep up her good socialization skills because this girl is a social butterfly!  Coal also loves all people she's met and even loves her kitty foster sibling too (sometimes tries to play with them).  Coal is still working on potty training and does have accidents, but is getting better every day especially if taken out every two hours (when she's out of her crate) and keeping her in the same room as you.  She can sleep through the night without accident if taken for a walk shortly before bed and can go up to 4 hours during the day (so would need daycare, a dog sitter, or stops at home for lunch for now). She walks very well on leash now and understands well to potty outside when we go out.  Coal is very well crate trained and never makes a peep when in her crate - goes to sleep right away and is calm if you put her in there for a nap or break during the day.  The last thing Coal's family needs to know is that she has a very thick (and majestically fluffy!) coat and will need thorough daily or every-other-day brushing as an adult and even then may shed a bit.  Overall, Coal will make a great pup for any family with the energy to train and raise a sweet puppy!