American Pit Bull TerrierMix|male|1 year old|58 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Clifton is such a cuddly and loving pup! This handsome young man lives for cuddles. Clifton gets along great with other dogs, and would probably do well in a home where he could have a buddy to play with. If not though, he just needs someone who can help him get out his energy! He’s still growing, so he can be a bit floppy and uncoordinated (aka, running into everything). Clifton is working on his crate training-he does well in the crate during the day, but is smart and stubborn about actually getting in the crate in the mornings. He also does well left out alone during the day, but he is a power chewer, so he will need plenty of bones and toys to chew on so that he doesn’t find your belongings instead!
Clifton does well with strangers and kids-but he does like to give standing hugs, so this could be intimidating to some at first! He does well on the leash, but does get a little sad when he can’t go play with all of the dogs we pass, so he will need some help working on this! He does like to nibble to show love-not hard, but it is something we are working on so that he doesn’t get used to the habit. He does very well in the car, sits right down and relaxes. Clifton is overall an amazing puppy, and I wish I could keep him myself—but I know he will give someone SO much love and happiness when he lays his little head in their lap!