Catahoula Mix|female|1 year old|40 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Three weeks in with this remarkable creature! 

What we've learned about Chloe:

She gives hugs! She seeks human affection like no dog we've ever met. It is genuine and incredibly moving.

She loves to go for walks and runs! Realizing that she had probably never experienced a walk on a leash, she has quickly caught on how to walk nicely and follow commands. The hunter in her is evident in her nose-to-the-ground sniffing but she has come so far in becoming an excellent walking and running partner. We are working hard at overcoming other dog distractions-she loves and wants to meet everyone!

Cats are no big deal! Kids are fun to play with and chase! Or just watch and wonder what they're doing. 

She needs to be taken out frequently and coached on going "PP outside". Again, this smartie pants is a quick learner but still needs work. 

Chloe is high energy but NOT a hyper or wild dog. She is learning and absolutely loving being an inside dog. A real pet! A firm and consistent training regiment has proven to be very positive and effective for her. 

She consistently follows the following commands: wait, sit, down, settle, off and come. Of course a treat is always appreciated when these are asked of her! 

If you want a companion to enjoy the outdoors with-Chloe is your girl. If you also want a couch snuggle companion-double bonus. 

Pupdate 2: This freckle-faced beauty is an absolute gem of a dog! Sweet, loving, affectionate and oh so smart! She went to a youth football game and was perfect. Kids running everywhere and lots of whistles and yelling. Didn't flinch, jump or seem fazed at all! Kids came up to pet her and she was calm and patient-even gave out some kisses. With some training and structure, this girl will be an ideal companion. In less than a week she knows wait, sit, settle (sort of!), off and her leash walking is 100% improved. She's not perfect yet but will be with the right family! 

Pupdate 1: Chloe the Catahoula is an absolute darling!  She’s spirited and loves to play with humans and dogs alike; I’ve yet to introduce her to another dog who she doesn’t just love and want to be friends with.  In a doggy daycare environment, she can get a little bit overwhelmed, but when she’s in a smaller group environment she wants to be everyone’s friend.  Her favorite things to do are snuggle (and she’s a high-contact snuggler!), play with her friends (four- and two-legged), and sprint in large circles.
Chloe is wonderful with children – she’s spent time with my four-year-old nephew and two-year-old niece, neither of whom are known for being quiet or gentle, and loves both of them almost as much as they love her. She takes treats gently, and the biggest risk she poses to a child is accidentally licking their face so much they fall over! She loves walks, and does a great job meeting other dogs while leashed. She will probably do best with a harness for walks, since her neck and head are almost the same size.
She’s met two very high-energy dogs who sometimes have issues with other dogs, and she’s successfully charmed both of them, so if you have a rambunctious dog who wants a high-intensity play buddy, Chloe is your girl! If your dog is older or small and doesn’t really like to play, she will need a slower introduction so she doesn’t overwhelm your resident pooch with her love.
She’s a mischievous girl and, like all puppies, loves to chew –  so we’ve been working on training her that tables and shoes are not toys.  She’s very smart and has picked up basic commands very fast, but she still has work to do on learning what is and isn’t a toy. For training, she reacts very well to a positive training system; she’s easily scared enough that negative-reinforcement training like e-collars or physical punishment will likely make her more nervous.  Luckily, this skinny girl is motivated to keep putting the pounds on, so she’ll happily take however many training treats you’ll give her!
Once Chloe’s had her fill of activity for the day, she’ll come right over for snuggles. She’ll happily lie right on me with her head on my shoulder for some TV time, or if I need to get work done she’s happy to curl up against my side or by my feet. She adores rawhides and hipbones and will gladly spend hours decimating one next to me. Overnight, she loves to snuggle up on the bed and will even use the pillow sometimes, but if you don’t want puppy snuggles while you sleep she does beautifully with crating. Just toss a couple treats in there and she’ll saunter right in!  If you leave the door open during the day, she also loves to use the crate as a refuge for naps. Because she’s so wiggly, make sure to take her collar off when you crate her so she doesn’t get it caught in the crate bars.
Chloe is a very adaptable dog; she’d be happiest in a home with a fenced in yard or an energetic person to give her lots of exercise, but she’s also happy going to a doggy daycare that has smaller-group environments and using up some energy that way. As long as she gets to have some snuggles, she’ll be a great companion!