heeler Mix|male|4 months old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Hi!  It's been a little bit since my last update so I thought I would give you an idea of what I have been up to.  My foster mom is getting me lots of practice meeting new people.  I have made lots of fans at Home Depot from our nightly walks.  I still get startled with some things but I am brave enough to take treats from strangers now.  I have been visiting a local martial arts studio with another foster parent and I just had my first day of daycare.  I was a little nervous at first but was playing nicely with lots of pups by the end if the day like it was no big deal.  

My foster mom says I am the easiest pup since I mostly just sleep all day.  She made me walk around the block the other day and that short loop pooped me out.  I haven't had an accident in the house in almost a week as long as I am let out every few hours, do awesome with the kitties and all the pups in our house, and LOVE my crate.  She can barely get the blankets straightened out for me before I am curling up inside and snuggle in quietly all through the night.  

It probably won't take me very long to warm up to my forever family once I get in a routine in my new house with a patient family.  I would be perfectly content being a homebody and chilling with my family at home but I love car rides and with continued socialization practice I may eventually enjoy going on adventures to different places too!

Pupdate 2: My foster mom says I am such a good boy.  I am doing way better going potty outside and I don't make a peep in my crate all through the night. I am a pretty easy going dude in my home with my people.  

I am still pretty nervous around new people.  My foster mom and I have been spending time at the Home Depot to help me become less concerned with being around new people and things.  I know "sit" pretty well and my foster momma says my loose leash walking is on point for a pup that has only been walked on leash a handful of times.  

I am really excited to find my forever family even though I have a hard time showing it on the outside. I promise if you take a chance on me you will find a silly, loving and loyal pup.  

Pupdate 1: Hi!  My name is Cheese and I am looking for my forever home.  I am still just a puppy but I am learning lots of things.  I have been doing pretty well with going potty outside as long as I go out regularly.  I do pretty well in my crate at night (no accidents) and only whine a little bit when I go inside.  I have found things to chew on but do well with a firm no and redirection to a toy or bone.  I was a natural with making friends with the kitties in my foster home and I played really well right away with my foster bro that is a little smaller than me but wanted a little bit more space/time before running and playing with the big pups in my foster home.  Now it is no big deal and I just play with everyone.  I am getting better at walking on leash but I find it really hard to resist the shady spots we find along our walking route.  With a little encouragement and practice I will be a pro in no time. 

My foster mom says I am silly because I like to crawl around the yard on my belly.  I also love to play with other pups, all kinds of toys/treats and sniff around in the yard but my most favorite thing to do outside is to find a shady spot and just relax. 

I have had lots of changes in my short life so I am still trying to learn how to trust people.  I am more of a shy guy so it takes me a little bit to warm up to new people and new places.  I can get overwhelmed with lots of movement so I would probably do best in a home without small kids but would do ok with older kids that give me the space/time I need to feel comfortable.  I would probably also benefit from the confidence I would gain from another pup in my new home and a positive reinforcement training class.  I will reward the patience of my new family with lots of snuggles, adoring looks, kisses and laughs at my silly puppy antics.