Border Collie/Basset Hound Mix|male|5 months old|32 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: This last weekend my foster mom took me to Oregon Farms to meet some new people.  I was a little apprehensive at first since it was a new place but I warmed up quickly and so many nice people gave me pets and told me how cute I am. Plus there were so many good smells there by the horse food especially. I also got to meet two nice little kids.  One little girl even let me give her kisses!  I LOVE giving kisses.  I didnt jump at all and boy oh boy my tail was wagging.  All all it was a great day and I took a fatty nap on my ride back to the east side of Madison.
I only go potty outside now (no accidents for several weeks now) and I go in my crate all by myself when my foster mom tells me it is bedtime.  She doesn't even have to throw in treats to make me want to go in.  I lay in there until it is time to get up and then I do the most adorable stretches.  

I went to the doctor last week and my foster mom told them that I haven't gained any weight since I have been living with her.  The doctor told her that she thinks I am actually closer to 7 or 8 months since I have all my grown up teeth and that I probably won't get much bigger.  So even though I am a meatball, I will stay a kind of little dude.  

My foster mom says she can't believe no one has asked to meet me yet.  She said that my pictures can't adequately capture how charming I am but she says my forever family is out there.  I can't wait to meet them!

Pupdate 2: Hi everyone! Just Cheddars here checking in.  My foster mom says that I have been doing so much better with potty training.  I haven’t had an accident in the house in over a week now.  Even before that, I only had a handful of accidents but I think mostly that was because I was still getting used to my new house and I didn’t really like how cold it was.  

Last weekend my foster mom took me on an adventure to a brewery to meet some new people.  I was a little bit scared at first.  It was a giant building and was really echo-y in there.  I didn’t want to go inside at first but then the coolest thing happened.  Another dog came in!  I couldn’t even help how much my tail was wagging as I saw and greeted all the new pups that came to hang out.  Once I got a little bit more settled I really started to enjoy myself.  So many people gave me pets and I just sat there and let them pet away.  

My foster mom also says I am a five star snuggler.  I love being right by people and am SO excited when I get the cuddle spot on the couch right next to the humans.  Sometime I even climb over the other pups in those spots to try to squeeze in.  With my short little legs, I am sure it looks comical but a snuggler's gotta do what a snuggler's gotta do!  

Pupdate 1: Hi there!  My name is Chedworth but due to my personality and my Wisconsin dog status now, my foster family calls me Cheddars, which fits me perfectly.  My paperwork says I am a border collie and basset hound mix but my personality is definitely that of a typical basset hound.  I am silly and low key, I love naps but can also be a little bit stubborn.  

We are still working on potty training but as long as I am on a schedule of going out every couple of hours, I do pretty well going potty outside.  I am not a huge fan of the cold and with my awesome hound sniffer I can get distracted so sometimes my foster mom has to stand outside with me to make sure I go potty.  I do pretty well in my crate too!  I need some incentive to go in but once I am in I am mostly quiet.  If I see or hear people around I may whine a bit but covering my crate when I am in it helps me relax.  

I can be a little unsure of new people and places at first but I settle in fairly quickly.  One thing that helps me feel more comfortable is other dogs.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE other dogs!  As soon as I met my foster brother and foster sister, it was like a switch went off and I just wanted to run and play with them.  I definitely felt more in my element.  I could play with them all day and I do take a more submissive role in the pack, especially with my foster sister who is more dominant.  I am really going to miss my foster brother since we wrestle and play tug pretty much all day.  I also love my kitty foster siblings.  I have never shown aggression to the kitties but do try to play…I can’t help it, they are just so interesting to me!  I can get a little overexcited by the kitties being around so my foster parents have to watch me and sometimes tell me to leave the kitty alone.  I do listen pretty well to this correction and return to the play space to focus on something else.  I also met some of the kids down the street once while out walking.  It was a little bit scary how they came right at my face to pet me but I just backed up a little bit and my tail wagged when they were petting me.  I think I would really like to have my own boy or girl as long as they were patient and knew how to approach me.  
Don’t let my short, little legs fool you, I love to run and play chase with other pups!  I also love to run zoomies and sniff around at things outside.  My foster mom says that I need a medium amount of activity since I am still a puppy and that it is important to get regular exercise so my belly doesn’t drag on the ground when I get bigger.  With my short legs, even carrying a little bit of extra weight can lead to health problems as I get older.  We do go for walks but I like walking on a leash WAY better if my foster siblings are walking with me.  If I am walking alone, I am less interested in keeping up with my foster mom and sometimes stop in the middle of the sidewalk and wait to be coaxed to keep moving.  I just feel so much more confident when other pups are showing me what to do.  I like treats a lot though so my foster mom says that with regular practice I can become a professional leash walker.  I also love toys including tennis balls so if you have a fenced yard, I could learn fetch pretty easily.

I am a sweet, special boy who deserves a wonderful forever family.  I have so many kisses and snuggles to give and if your home/family meets the criteria above I would love to meet you!