Terrier Mix|Male|4 years old|19 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie (Chaplin)

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Charlie continues to be a sweet little boy with so much love to give! I can't begin to tell you how expressive those eyes are. He surprises me every day with his sweetness.

He would do best in a home with experienced dog owners and no young kids (teens are fine), as he doesn't like to be startled, grabbed, or picked up suddenly. Charlie is one of those fur babies who had a somewhat rough life before coming to Fetch, and he can be insecure - particularly around men he doesn't know. He needs a strong leader who can commit to continue working with him on his anxiety and provide a structured life, as well as be willing to be patient and take the time to get to know him, and let him get to know you. If you can do that, this boy will shower you with affection.

That all said, if you're looking for dog who adores being by your side, operates wonderfully on a regular schedule, is good on a leash, is responsive to commands, gets along with other animals (cats included!), and has the most adorable morning prance you've ever seen, keep Charlie in mind!

Pupdate 4: I had the pleasure of pet sitting for Charlie this past week and I just fell in love with him! The minute his foster mom dropped him off, he hopped right into my lap to give me snuggles and kisses. Charlie has some anxiety and may cry some when looking out the window, but he is very good at his commands (like sit, lay down, and go to bed) so he is very easy to work with on this. He has also responded very well to working with an e-collar to distract him from his anxieties. On top of loving his human snugglers, he got along super well with my other dogs and the two cats. He is even super great at sharing with other animals! Toys, treats, food, anything! :) He's kind of a pushover with his animal friends.

Charlie is pretty scared of tall men, being woken up abruptly, and having his back end touched when he's anxious. He is actively working on gaining confidence in these situations so he knows he doesn't have to snap at people to protect himself. One type of human Charlie lives though is children! He wagged his tail at all the little people that walked up to pet him on our walks. Charlie is working out some of his quirks, but keep this sweetie in mind because he will will steal your heart!

Pupdate 3: Sir Charles continues to be a sweet little lover boy, but we've seen some issues with anxiety as we've gotten to know him better. We are actively working on reducing his anxiety by teaching him wonderful things like the "place" command and "off". He's been responding great and has shown how trainable he is! Charlie would do best with an experienced dog owner in a quiet and relaxed environment where he can lay out in the sunbeams with his favorite bone or plush toy. While he's been good with kids under our watch, a home with no children or older kids only would be the bees knees for this sweet guy.

Pupdate 2: We've got a little lover here! As Charlie has gotten over his URI, he's opened up and relaxed so much. This is a fella' who is just so happy to snuggle up to you wherever you are. He's all about affection and loves a sweet belly rub. I've taken to calling him Sir Charles Barkley, or just Charles. He likes sweaters and would look extra dapper in a bowtie.

Pupdate 1: Charlie has been fighting of a nasty upper respiratory infection, but he's doing much better now and is excited to start finding his forever home! We don't know exactly what was in Charlie's past, but he is a bit fearful. He shows this most often by barking at new people. Once you sit down with him for a bit, though, he is happy to show you how much love he has to give. Few things make him as happy as a friendly lap to curl up in and a hand to pet him. We've spent the last couple weeks working on potty training and crate training, and I'm happy to report that he's been doing wonderfully with both. This little man is really just a doll with lots of love to give.