Rat terrier Mix|female|15 years old|13 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Cassie has so much love to give.  She loves to be with you.  For an older dog she has quite a spunky personality! She really enjoys walk time. Often, she wants you to play with her.  She lets you hold her and pick her up easily.  Cassie gets along with kids, adults, other dogs really well.  She is an easy dog to care
for and is a real sweetheart.

Pupdate 2: Cassie continues to expand her personality as she is with us.  At first she was shy.  We have seen a lot more personality come out.  She loves to play and go for walks.  Cassie shows you she wants to go out by running to the door.  If she wants to go to bed she runs at you and then to the stairs toward her bed.  Treats are a favorite with her.  She can be persistent on asking for them.  Setting limits for her is good because I think she would just keep eating the ones she likes.  She is getting more comfortable on walks.  She does some reacting to other dogs on leash.  Cassie has a great personality.  We enjoy her greatly.  She continues to snuggle and be affectionate.  It is nice to see this more playful side come out as she gets more comfortable with us and our dogs.

Pupdate 1: Cassie is a sweet girl.  She is nervous at first, but after she warms up to you she gets playful and loves attention.  Like most dogs, she really loves treats. Taking her for a walk is an adventure as she is a little explorer. Cassie is an excellent companion dog; she wants to be with you and snuggle. She sleeps through the night. I let her roam free in the house while I am at work. She is crate trained and potty trained; currently, she lives with other dogs and gets along very well with them.