Golden retriever Mix|male|2 years old|65 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Bruce deserves the best home. He's a special guy, who was rescued off a chain with 7 other Goldens in Alabama. He's a gentle giant and bonds hard with his humans. Confinement and separation scares him, so we leave him out in the house with our dogs when we're gone.

Bruce loves most other dogs, and lives with 4 foster fur siblings. He enjoys romping in the backyard for a minute or two and then crashing for a long nap. He's a low energy guy - probably because he has some special needs...

Bruce has serious congential heart defect that traditional medicine can't treat. His lifespan will likely be shorter than an average dog so he's looking for a home to spoil him like each day is his last. His condition hasn't affected his his daily life so far, except that he doesn't have as much endurance or energy as a typical 2 year old dog. He's a very chill gentleman. Bruce also has seizures, rarely, but could require medication to control those sometime in the future. He'll require specialty vet appointments every 6 months to monitor his condition - so whoever considers him should know that he will be expensive.

Miraculously, Bruce came to us totally potty trained, and will "ask" to go outside to do his business by pawing at the back door. He's also very quiet, and rarely barks. While he won't ever be a running partner, or a long hiker, Bruce would love it if you have a spare dog bed in your home for him!