husky/lab Mix|male|5 months old|19 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Bronco is a great traveler. He loves to run around in open spaces and be chased by other dogs. He is learning other commands like "stay" and "down".

Pupdate 4: Bronco is a very happy dog! He loves meeting new people and dogs but does slow down every now and then.

Pupdate 3: Bronco is a very enthusiastic pup, we discovered this week he is a great running partner. We are getting very good with sitting and waiting. Bronco is very interested in meeting other dogs and likes looking out of the window.

Pupdate 2: Bronco is adjusting to a new space and is doing well. We are working on potty training and crate training. He loves to play with his toys and go out and explore the neighborhood.

Pupdate 1: Hands down, the most well behaved 3 month old puppy I have ever met! Rides awesome in the car, very calm and sweet and loves to play with other dogs!