beagle Mix|female|6 years old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: In our home, Brella has been very content just being part of the action, but sometimes from a safe distance, watching from a space like her crate.  Unless it involves the couch or a bed - and then Brella is all there!  We don't know if Brella is good with cats or children, but she does seem to do well with other dogs and if she has had enough, she gives them the right cues to leave her alone.  She is very much just 'go with the flow'.  We have never caught her actually playing with toys, but we have found them strewn about the house so clearly she enjoys it in private, hah!  In general she is not a big attention seeker, but we have noticed that once we start playing and petting the other household dog, she comes to investigate and get in on the all the petting she can get.  We find she enjoys walks and zig-zagging all over the place, and a nice chewy bone from time to time.

Pupdate 1: Little Miss Brella is a reserved little lady who will steal your heart once she gets used to you.  She just is coming off of Heartworm treatment but that doesn’t seem to be affecting her much.  She does very well having another dog around as she seems to look for leadership.  It does take her a while to warm up to you and she likes it on her terms.  She does well in a kennel but likes to try to nudge the bars and escape if she’s able.  You have to have a pretty secure fence because it’s in her beagle nature to find every hole you didn’t know you had and go looking for bunnies in neighbor yards!  She’s mostly house trained but we are working on not urinating in the house.  Does well when let out often.