German Shepherd/Collie Mix|male|1.75 years old|71 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: I have settled in SO WELL to my foster home. I don't have any accidents in the house and on our walks, I even "do my business" in the tall grass so Mom doesn't have to clean up after me. :) During the day, I get to roam the house as long as someone's home, and I don't usually bother things that don't belong to me. The only things I love to chew on are bones! And although I'll join you at meals to see if my big brown eyes convince you to give me something delicious from your plate, I won't jump up on counters for food or try to steal your food out from under you. At bedtime, I love my crate, but would be equally happy laying on the bedroom floor next to you. Mom and Dad don't let me on the furniture, which is fine because I don't have much interest in sitting way up there anyway. And all the thunderstorms that have rolled through the past few weeks haven't fazed me a bit!

I do need help to learn to be calm when I see new dogs, people, and critters. I won't hurt anyone, I just get SO EXCITED and want to meet every critter I see. Mom says that not everyone appreciates a 70-lb dog streaking toward them at full speed, but I can't understand why. I only want to meet them and play! I also have really good ears, and I often alert Mom and Dad when someone is pulling into our driveway by perking up and going to the window to see who's there. So I am also a very good home security system!

Pupdate 1: Hi humans! Mom says I'm a sweet dog and "such a good boy." I am curious, so I am eager to learn what you have to teach me! I know how to behave nicely around children of all ages (my foster mom has a 1 year old), although when I get playful I can be extra energetic and might bump into someone on accident. Did I mention I LOVE to play and run? My foster sister-dog can tell you that I love to meet and play with other dogs! But when play time is done, I adore cuddling up next to my humans for snuggles and pets. Mom calls me her "handsome boy" and assures me that I will find my forever home soon! Will it be with you?