German Shepherd/Collie Mix|male|2 years old|71 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: I have come a long way since I first arrived in my foster home! My foster family has been working with me a lot on my recall, and I've gotten pretty good at coming back when called, even if I'm distracted by something. I love to run around the back yard and nearby open fields with my fur-sister, and I follow her around loyally. So if your home already includes a dog that would love a playmate, I'm your man! I take my cues well from my fur-sister, and am a very social and friendly dog around other dogs in general. If I get a chance to run outside a few times each day, I am a very happy dog - indoors I will be calm and relaxed and happy just to lounge around with the rest of the family. My dogsitter said I did very well on leash when she took me on long runs with her, and I was pooped out for the rest of the day! My foster family has taught me to sit nicely while they put my food dish down and wait for an "OK" before I go to my bowl. They continue to work with me on other commands like down, stay, and come and I am getting consistently better at them as well. I even walk nicely on a leash now, which was a struggle to figure out when I first came to my family. 

My foster mom and dad say I am such a great dog and I would be happy in almost any home that has space for a medium energy pup with a big heart. I love my humans and am especially protective and tolerant of the tiny one (one year old), even when he is playing with my feet or waking me up from my nap. I follow my family around the house and will put my big head in your lap and use my big brown eyes to convince you that I NEED your pets (because I do). Do you have room in your heart and home for a 70 lb furball who loves his humans unconditionally?

Pupdate 3: I am still waiting for my forever family to find me! I think my ideal person or family would be pretty active - I'd love to walk, run, or play in the yard in my forever home! I've LOVE to have a fenced yard so I could run uninhibited, but I've also adapted to my foster home, which does not have a fenced yard. Mom says I could fit well in to any active family - whether or not that family already includes kids or another dog. I agree! The most important thing to me is that I have a human to love on and who would run around with me. I have come a long way in the past month or so, particularly with understanding that inside is meant more for calm/relaxing time, and outdoors is active playtime. I do need someone who will continue to re-enforce the boundaries and rules I've been learning and who will teach me the rules and boundaries specific to my new home. The past few days, I've even had a second fur-sibling in my foster home who has high puppy energy, and while I love to play with her, I also don't get quite so carried away like I did before. And if foster mom tells us to settle down, I immediately stop playing and distance myself so I can calm down. I know the right family is out there looking for me, and I promise to be the most loyal friend you could ask for! 

Pupdate 2: I have settled in SO WELL to my foster home. I don't have any accidents in the house and on our walks, I even "do my business" in the tall grass so Mom doesn't have to clean up after me. :) During the day, I get to roam the house as long as someone's home, and I don't usually bother things that don't belong to me. The only things I love to chew on are bones! And although I'll join you at meals to see if my big brown eyes convince you to give me something delicious from your plate, I won't jump up on counters for food or try to steal your food out from under you. At bedtime, I love my crate, but would be equally happy laying on the bedroom floor next to you. Mom and Dad don't let me on the furniture, which is fine because I don't have much interest in sitting way up there anyway. And all the thunderstorms that have rolled through the past few weeks haven't fazed me a bit!

I do need help to learn to be calm when I see new dogs, people, and critters. I won't hurt anyone, I just get SO EXCITED and want to meet every critter I see. Mom says that not everyone appreciates a 70-lb dog streaking toward them at full speed, but I can't understand why. I only want to meet them and play! I also have really good ears, and I often alert Mom and Dad when someone is pulling into our driveway by perking up and going to the window to see who's there. So I am also a very good home security system!

Pupdate 1: Hi humans! Mom says I'm a sweet dog and "such a good boy." I am curious, so I am eager to learn what you have to teach me! I know how to behave nicely around children of all ages (my foster mom has a 1 year old), although when I get playful I can be extra energetic and might bump into someone on accident. Did I mention I LOVE to play and run? My foster sister-dog can tell you that I love to meet and play with other dogs! But when play time is done, I adore cuddling up next to my humans for snuggles and pets. Mom calls me her "handsome boy" and assures me that I will find my forever home soon! Will it be with you?