american staffordshire terrier Mix|female|1 year old|65 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: We have been working with Blue on her walks by using a prong collar and she is walking beautifully. She pulls a lot when using her regular collar, less when using the harness and hardly at all with the prong collar. Blue has also been working very hard on learning "place" command. She is always excited to learn new tricks to please people! Can Blue have a "place" in your heart?

Pupdate 4: Blue is a dog that loves to do a lot of things, but swimming is not one of them! She is happy to be next to the water, but not to go in it. She would much rather spend the afternoon driving around. But her favorite thing to do still is running around in the yard and playing with a loving person.

Pupdate 3: Blue is loving the warmer weather! Being a medium to high energy puppy, she thrives being outside and running around! But her new favorite thing is going for car rides. She loves to feel the rushing air on her face. Her favorite place to go is Culver’s for a pup cup. 

She is very food motivated, especially peanut butter. She now can sit, lay down, shake, talk, and roll over. She is so much fun to work with because she is such a quick learner and she just eats up the attention. She does not like feeling left out. She does whine if we put her in her crate and stay up to even brush our teeth, but if we go straight to bed, she is fine. She gets a little envious if I am petting another dog or giving someone a hug. She tries to sneak right in between so she can get some love too. Blue is looking for a family with a heart just as big as her’s. Is that your family?

Pupdate 2: Blue had so much fun playing in all the snow. Even with a foot of snow, she was still determined to take a walk. Luckily the roads had been plowed so it wasn't too bad for her. She was such a goofy girl eating the fresh snow, running up the snow pills and pouncing around. Her favorite part of the day was playing with her foster sister, Lulu, in the snow. 

She is always happy to play with other dogs, but she doesn't always know when to stop if the other dog doesn't want to play. After all the excitement of the snowstorm, Blue spent the evening cuddling on the couch. 

Pupdate 1: Blue is a very loving and sweet dog. My first few minutes with her, she was already giving me kisses and wanting to give all of her love. She greets everyone with lots of excitement. Her ideal family would be a family who will play with outside but still cuddle with her in the evening. She has not been around child, but I would suggest against very young child because when she gets excited she becomes clumsy. She likes having a fenced in yard to run around. She loves other dogs. She does very well with her foster sister, Lulu. She is not territorial of her toys. She loves playing with squeaky toys, tug of war and loves treats. She knows how to sit, lay down and shake. We are working on "talk." 
She is just over a year old. She can be very energetic at times, but she also loves laying around. She loves to run when we go for bike rides. We are working with her to not pull when she goes for walks. She is crate trained and potty trained. We usually crate her at night and let her be free in the house while we are at work. 

She is a very sweet, loving and smart dog. Any family would be very lucky to have her.