lab Mix|female|7 months old|22 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Our fun loving, feisty, little ray of sunshine helped us to welcome a second foster into our home this week. Our new dog was timid and not fond of other dogs, however after a brief intro in our back yard they were best buds. Blossom has such an amazing way about her, she is full of love and spunk. She loves to wrestle around with the big dogs , and her passive personality seems to go over great with dogs that are a more alpha. 

We have also been enjoying these beautiful days going for walks and playing in the yard. Blossom loves to lay in the sun and nap, when she isn't running around with the kids. We are still working on her love of chewing. She keeps to her stuff mostly now, no more sneaking shoes out of the bin. She also loves to chew on plastic bottles. 

Blossom is waiting for patiently for her new family. She loves kids, dogs, cats, but NOT squirrels :) She is crate trained and does well for lengths of time in it during the day. She would prefer a house where she could cuddle on the couch with her humans, and possibly enjoy a snack with them now and again. We do not feed Blossom people food, however she is always on the look out for something to be dropped or over looked on the floor. Her favorite place is under my daughter's highchair at meal time. 

Pupdate 3: We traveled out of town with Blossom this week. While she was not crazy about being in her crate for the drive she didn't make a peep. She did great, and was super excited when we arrived at our destination and there was a dog to play with all day. Blossom would do great with a forever home that has a dog. She loves to play and gets along well with all the dogs she's met! She has no problem sharing or waiting her turn. Her food bowl got gobbled up by vacation dog, but she didn't care she was happy to share, and promptly asked for more.  Blossom had no problems with travelling or being in new places, she quite liked the new scene on her walks, and playing at the new parks.

Pupdate 2: Blossom is our first foster. If I waited much longer to put her up for adoption, she would have become our forever puppy. She has been a delight from the day we picked her up. She is house broken and crate trained. She does not like going into her crate, but she is much more calm and relaxed in her crate when we are gone. She walks great on her leash, unless there is a squirrel in sight than she goes nuts. She does love to chew, and we have been working on what is ok to chew. Unfortunately, puppy toys and toddler toys are very similar. Blossom loves to play with my two young kids, and has never-ending patience for their shenanigans. She is very gentle with them, and alert to where they are and their well-being. She is so good on her leash that my 5 year old can walk her around the yard to go potty.

She loves playing with the grumpy neighbor dog, and the dog next door lights up when Blossom comes out. Blossom has such a great personality. She seems to brighten everyone's day. We started click training last week, and her response has been amazing. As soon as she hears the click she comes running. She has also been getting better at responding to command like come, sit, down, house, and no. As much as she likes to play, she likes to rest. She cuddles with the kids when they watch TV, and loves to lay in the sun in front of our sliding glass doors watching for squirrels. We don't let Blossom on the furniture, try not to anyways, but she loves to lay couch while I work on my laptop. Her size allows her to comfortably lie next to me while I sit the couch typing.

Pupdate 1: Blossom is learning what is hers to chew on, still have a ways to go but improvement is good. She is dealing with the kennel well. While she isn't crazy about it when she has to get in, it keeps her much calmer then being out when we are gone. I left her out while I got the mail and she went nuts, lots of anxiety. Scratching, barking, and jumping on the furniture. She goes potty 2-3x a day, we walk her several times but she only goes about 30 mins after eating in the morning and evening. She likes to graze, so we leave her food out. She eats 1/3 immediately then grazed the rest of the day. Same with evening feeding. 

Her temperament is amazing. She deals with my cats being jerks to her, and my toddler pretending she is a baby. She seems to prefer the guys in our house, and my husbands deep voice doesn't scare her at all. She enjoys tracking squirrels, and we are working on her not going crazy when she sees one. Also, she listens fairly well to basic commands in general.