American Staffordshire Mix|female|1.5 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 9: We had an absolute pleasure dog sitting Bella for a few days. She is just the CUTEST wiggle butt, and she loves getting cuddles from her people and even strangers. She can be overexcited to greet people, but with some guidance, she listens really well. 

While Bella loved to play fetch, sniff around our fenced-in back yard, and go for walks, she also crates really well. She is polite about taking treats, and really wants to please her people. We were told she doesn't get along with all dogs, and we totally agree that it's OK to be a little selective about friends. Did I mention she does really well at Waggin' Tails doggie daycare? 

We spent a lot of time working on training, and to our delight, found out she knows basic commands such as "sit," "come," and "down" very well. Given her wiggly nature, she's not the best about holding a sit or down, but we know that will come with time and patience. If Bella need work on anything, it would be when she sees a squirrel or bunny rabbit she wants to chase. She's pretty strong, so getting her re-focused on the walk can take a little bit. Overall, Bella is a low maintenance dog who would do best in a semi-active home that wants to continue her obedience training and work on her impulse control. 

Pupdate 8: We've been doing some short late-night runs and she's doing a pretty good job as a jogging partner.  She'll pull a little for the first block or so but then she keeps pace well.  So long as there aren't major distractions (like rabbits/squirrels) she'll stay with me for a good mile or two. While she is still selective about other dogs she gets along with, all the humans absolutely love her at daycare.  On the days she goes she always comes home nice and tired out and likes to relax the rest of the evening.

Pupdate 7: While she still is rather over excited when greeting new people I've found that telling her to get a toy will stop her jumping and redirect her energy to more appropriate play.  She continues to be very affectionate with everyone she's met.  I think the warm weather has gotten her to settle a touch, though she is still energetic and always willing to play chase or tug.  She'd do great in a home with a family that would give her an outlet for that energy.

Pupdate 6: Bella has been able to have some playtime with other dogs at daycare.  While she doesn't seem to get along with all dogs, some she has been able to play with well.  So far I haven't really recognized at pattern with personalities or breeds that she does better with.
Now that the weather is better she loves being out (and sometimes isn't too eager to come back in!).  She's decided that water from the hose tastes better than water in her bowl which can make watering the plants an interesting challenge.  She has also started playing a new game called "catch and eat the bees" which thankfully she isn't very good at.

Pupdate 5: Bella has been loving the warming weather! She has been digging in the yard a little now that the ground is softer, though she has been very receptive to correction. Bella is getting better with basic commands and is now working up to being able to do them even with distractions around.  She still gets very excited and happy when people she doesn't see regularly come over to visit (who doesn't??) and used to submissive pee, but has only done this once over the last two months! A home with very small children probably won't be the best fit for her due to her jumping she is still working on, but otherwise she will make a great addition to the right family!

Pupdate 4: Bella has had a little bit of allergies since her last update.  It was causing some itching and inflammation, but after a check in with the vet and some allergy meds she is doing much better!  When her allergies were acting up, Bella had a moment of irritability with one of my roommates, but it hasn't happened since and this girl is back to being happy to see her people! My parents visited for the weekend and she was immediately thrilled and eager to play.  When she finally settles down she loves affection and will try to curl up on your lap (even if she doesn't fit).  Such a cute girl!  Bella is very excited to find her snuggle loving forever family.  

Pupdate 3: Silly Bella!  This girl has gotten into a little bit of mischief and chewed two shoes and a wallet (thankfully with nothing in it!).  We are moving the shoes into the closet just to be safe, but this girl would love a home who can supply her with lots of fun toys to distract her so she doesn't nibble on other things.  
She continues to love everyone she meets (though sometimes barks at them on walks).  

Overall, Bella is doing very well!  There haven't been any instances of submissive/excited urination for almost a month even when greeting new people.  Keeping the greetings lower-key seems to help.  Bella was a little nervous about exploring some rooms of my house at first even when trying to lure her into the room with treats. Instead of trying to press the issue I just let her go at her own pace and within the last two weeks she just started casually entering the room on her own like it was never a big deal - yay, Bella!

Bella has adjusted very well and I expect she will adjust just as quickly to her permanent home!

Pupdate 2: Bella has not had a lot of interaction with dogs and cats with me yet.  She notices and is interested in every other dog on our walks but I've been trying to keep greetings to a minimum for now.  While she wants to go check them out and pulls lightly she hasn't barked and will let herself be led away.  When she sees other dogs walking by the house she'll normally bark a few times and then quiets down.  She's also gone to daycare a couple times and did well the first time but got overwhelmed the second.  Bella likely would do well as a single pup or with a family who is comfortable doing slow introductions with their other animals.

Bella still loves all people she's met and would make a great companion for the right home!

Pupdate 1: This is Bella!  She is a friendly, energetic, sweet dog looking for a family. Bella's perfect home would be with an active family without very young children.  She'd love to have a fenced in yard to run and play.  She hasn't had a lot of exposure to other dogs or cats yet while with us.

I've been watching Bella for about a month and as soon as she was out of the car on day one she was eager to greet and play.  She has a very outgoing personality and wants to greet everyone she sees... so far she hasn't met a single person that she didn't immediately love and want attention from.  She tends to get a little too worked up when first interacting with someone.  She has a habit of jumping up and this may continue for a couple minutes or so before she settles down unless kept on a leash to prevent jumping.  She will occasionally submissively urinate, especially with new people, but we are working on it!  I've been working on lower-key greetings and I think that helps.

Aside from a few cases of what might be submissive or over-excited urination, she is very well housebroken.  She has been able to go a full work-day roaming free in the kitchen without an accident.  She sleeps in her crate at night, going in without a fuss.  A few times she has barked at some unexpected sound but most nights she doesn't make any noise.

As far as exercise, Bella is definitely an energetic dog though her needs aren't extreme.  Her favorite games are tug and chase.  When she wants to play she'll grab a toy and come right up to you, teasing you to try and take it from her.  If she's bored but a toy isn't nearby she'll sometimes start mouthing your hand to try and get you to play.  She is good about knowing what toys are hers and so far hasn't chewed anything else - though had a lot of fun pulling the stuffing out of her bed one day when I was at work.  

Overall Bella is a great dog.  If you think you'd give Bella a good home she'd love to meet you!